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It’s Heritage month and that means we are celebrating all that is wonderful about South African culture. One of the best ways we know how to mark this occasion is by celebrating with fabulous South African food, and naturally, that means braai! Karl and Greg from Beer Country have been whipping up some amazing braai recipes and have given us some fun, handy braai tips for braaing this Heritage Day as well as sharing some of their favourite recipes. For these guys braai is a way of life, find out how they make every braai a memorable occasion.

Karl and Greg - Braai Tips 4x6
Braai Tips 4x6

Braai Tips

  • Always have enough beer to last the braai.
  • A properly built fire never goes out (charcoal on the bottom, wood on top).
  • Avoid buying wood if you see condensation in the plastic bag.
  • If you’re short on time use charcoal instead of wood.
  • No-one will judge you for par-cooking your chicken before you braai it (30 mins at 180 °C).
  • If you’re cooking fish in a flip grid, a few sliced rounds of onion between the fish and grid will prevent the skin from sticking and you get awesome braaied onions.
  • Always have great tunes at your braai (think Pearl Jam for steak, Jack Johnson for seafood, and Bob Marley for a long slow potjie).
  • A steak should only be killed once.
  • A great braai starts with great ingredients: buy the best quality meat you can afford, the freshest veggies and have respect for the ingredients you use.
  • Cooking in cast iron is good for the soul.
  • Braai on African time (it’s ready when it’s ready).
  • It is perfectly acceptable to braai three times a day, we believe anything you can eat… you can braai, and no matter what, come rain, hail, wind, snow… we braai!

Our Favourite Braai Recipes

Moroccan Kebabs

The spicy kick of harissa, fuses with the creaminess of yoghurt, and the Moroccan rub adds that extra taste boost.

Get the recipe for these Moroccan Kebabs

Chipotle, Honey Chicken & Pineapple Mini Kebabs

These killer mini kebabs are sweet, spicy and are make a perfect snack for a road trip or picnic.

Get the recipe for these Chipotle, Honey Chicken & Pineapple Mini Kebabs

Moroccan Kebabs - Braai Tips 4x6
Chipotle, Honey Chicken & Pineapple Mini Kebabs - Braai Tips 4x6

Yellowtail Darnes with a Herby Mascarpone Butter

Yellowtail on the braai is a South African favourite. It’s firm and meaty and holds up well on the grid.

Get the recipe for Yellowtail Darnes with a Herby Mascarpone Butter

Chuck-Chilli Potjie

When they said that good things take time, they were probably talking about a chuck-chilli potjie. Use this often underrated, but very flavoursome cut, for big meaty results.

Get the recipe for Chuck-Chilli Potjie

Yellowtail Darnes - Braai Tips 4x6
Chuck Chilli Potjie - Braai Tips 4x6

Peri Peri Chicken Lollipops

The only problem with good peri-peri chicken, is that you’ll find it hard to break the fiery addiction.

Get the recipe for these Peri-Peri Chicken Lollipops

Coffee Rub T-Bone

The coffee rub gives the meat a lovely sweet crust and a dark, rich colour.

Get the recipe for the Coffee Rub T-Bone

Peri Peri Chicken Lollipops - Braai Tips 4x6
Coffee Rub T-Bone - Braai Tips 4x6

So there you have it, use their braai tips this Heritage Day and make sure you have the biggest, baddest braai ever.

Braai Tips 1x5

Need the perfect beer to go with your braai, check out Beer Country’s Moerkoffie Condensed Milk Stout.

Follow the Beer Country boys on their journey.

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