Style Your Patty Like a Pro With Our Favourite Burger Toppings

Words: Tam Selley

Whether you like it cheesy, saucy or piled high with chunky avocado, bun or no bun, or classically topped with our good old go-to garnishes, all types of burger-lovers are welcome here. Except for you no-garnish goofs who don’t like burger toppings, you’re voted off the island.

burger toppings

Our Flavey-Fave Burger Toppings

Get loaded with these burger toppings.

El Classico

These classic burger toppings are always crowd-pleasers – lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles and BBQ basting. They really are the standard for a reason – they’re the good-old originals. We have a failsafe burger recipe that you can refer to every time right over here. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Sweet Baby Cheeses

With the variety of cheeses available, your burger never has to be bare. Whether you’re a mild, mature, hard, soft, sweet or stinky cheese fan – the burger is a versatile fella and a non-judgemental one at that! Pile on, crumble or even stuff your burger with whichever cheese your heart desires and you’re good to go. If you’re going for the classic cheeseburger, we suggest placing your cheese on top of your patty for the last minute in the pan to ensure pure unadulterated melty goodness.

The Multiskilled Avo

Ah, avocado. The green-skinned fruit of the gods. This versatile green gem can lay seductively upon your patty in slices, chunks, or mashed up with some lemon and salt for a groovy guac. Avo is full of healthy fats and nutritional goodies – so smash, slice and dice away – check this delish chicken and avo burger recipe, with all that green it must be healthy!


Onions are fundamental to the burger toppings game, in all their delicious forms. This go-to burger topping can be styled in so many ways; fresh and crunchy, deep-fried to golden deliciousness, soft and caramelised, or pickled to perfection. There’s really no wrong way of doing it, but this Onion Overload recipe is definitely the right way of doing it.

Beautiful Bacon

Mmm, bacon. Salty, crispy, dreamy bacon. A burger almost doesn’t feel complete without this element. We love good streaky bacon, but store-bought bacon often lacks in size and substance – why not mix it up and make your own bacon. Reap the bragging rewards for being a Masterchef and add that new-skill notch to your recipe belt. Try this Bourbon BBQ Bacon Burger.

All Hail Hummus

Because when does hummus not belong somewhere? While this may not seem like a likely appendage to the burger, it’s actually damn delicious, think of it as a deconstructed and reconstructed shwarma – drool. We have a banging vegan burger with black bean hummus and polenta onion rings that will blow your burger-loving brain.


We love mushies in all shapes and sizes, especially when there are lots of them and they’re fried up in plenty of butter and herbs. But that’s just us. Explore out of your button mushroom box and check out what fresh exotic shroomies your local grocer has on offer. Mix, match and assemble onto little sliders like these epic Lamb and Mushroom Sliders.

It’s Not on Top it’s Inside

See, burger toppings are really quite versatile. You don’t want them on top of your patty? Well then allow your patty to swallow your toppings and transform them into fillings like these rustic chicken burgers stuffed with cranberry and brie.


Some delicious fresh basil always has a place on top of a burger in our opinion. Or if you’re feeling fancy, you can even whip up a herby sauce such as this smashing Pork Burger with Sage & Maple Sauce – it’s quite literally, life-changing.


Fruit on savouries can be polarising, we draw the line at bananas on pizza! However, you can’t create a Hawaiian Burger without pineapple and we have to say, we love the sweet note it gives to this classic stacked burger. Our advice is to use the tinned kind, already cored and ringed, and give it a little heat in a dry frying pan or griddle pan for caramelisation, this takes the sweet goodness to a whole new level. Try this Gammon & Pineapple Burger… drool.

Fried Egg

A fried egg atop a juicy burger? Why not. Just imagine that delicious perfectly soft yolk just running down your chin. A fried egg adds flavour and gooeyness to an already good burger and who wouldn’t want that? Try this Dagwood Burger.

Burger Toppings

Now that your creative burger-juices are flowing, check out a round-up of our favourite burger recipes, and burger mistakes that you might be making.

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