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Ever wanted to make your own cheese or yoghurt? Well, now’s your chance! Better yet… you don’t even have to leave the house. Finest Kind offers an online cheese and yoghurt making course and there’s one coming up in June. 

Adopting a new hobby is always a fun idea. Sure, most people would sign up for art or dance classes, but cheesemaking is for the cultured (pun intended). At Finest Kind’s cheese and yoghurt making course, Dutch Cheese Maker, Joan, will share all the secrets to set you up for success. And if you don’t get it right straight away you can ask all the questions you want in real time.

cheesemaking course

Cheese Making Course

Learn all about the art and processes involved in making artisanal cheeses in the comfort of your own home.  If you’re a cheese-lover and looking to impress your guests and take your cheese board to the next level, this cheese and yoghurt making course is ‘grate’ for beginners.

As Easy As It Gets!

Making your own cheese might sound like quite the task, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think. Dutch Cheese Maker/Master and Expert, Joan Berning, will take you through all the simple steps involved in making your own delicious cheeses and yoghurt including Fromage Frais (a French form of the South African Maaskaas), Feta and Ricotta, all done through a live, interactive Zoom class. 

Joan is an expert in cheese making (with a degree in biochemistry) and has more than thirty years of experience. Her area of expertise is in all things bacteria and culture. She will be joined by her son, Clyde Berning, who is also an accomplished local actor and has recently starred in ‘Die Byl’, ‘Raised by Wolves’ and ‘Funny Girl’, to name but a few. He will be assisting Joan, as well as learning from her in the process. 

Do It For the Culture

Making your own cheese and yoghurt is so creative and rewarding and many of Finest Kind’s past attendees have had great results producing their own products after the course — pretty cultured if you ask us. What’s especially great about these cheeses, is that they can be made using 2L full cream store-bought milk. This is truly cheese and yoghurt making at its finest.

For just R850 per device you can sign up and ask your friends to join you for the class too. Gather your best buds and make a day of it.

June Freebie

Join Finest Kind’s online cheese and yoghurt making course this June and get a free packet of their Bruschetta Mix of herbs which has been specially treated to add to homemade cheese.

cheesemaking course

What are you waiting for? Get the cheese wheel rolling and book your place on the June course now. You can also sign up for their newsletter and have a look at some cheese recipes or yoghurt recipes for inspiration. If you can’t make this month’s course, don’t worry, they have one every month!

You seriously don’t want to miss out on this one. Check out the virtual class details below:

Date: Saturday, 18 June  2022
Time: 10h30-12h30
Price: R850/Device

*Keep your eyes peeled on our socials to WIN a spot for their June cheesemaking course and GET A FREE cheese and yoghurt making kit to make your own feta, cream cheese, halloumi,  labneh, greek yoghurt  and more.

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Wondering what you can cook with all the cheese you’re going to be making? Check out our favourite cheese recipes right here.


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