Bacon on Bree Street

Words: Crush

There are few things that can whet the appetite and incite a belly rumble like the smell of sizzling bacon. This perfect porcine delight is heralded the world over for its salty, crispy deliciousness and not many other meats can compete in the popularity stakes. It is no longer just seen as a breakfast food, but sits happily as a part of any meal. Capetonians will now be able to worship at the altar of bacony goodness all day with the opening of Bacon on Bree.

Bacon on Bree opened its doors yesterday and city workers were lured from their desks by the smell wafting up Bree Street – a tough call to ignore. Well-known charcuterist Richard Bosman is the man behind the concept, and with his extensive knowledge and experience in this business you know it’s going to be good.


The menu is simple – it’s all about the bacon, but the difference is, it’s bacon done right. This is quality meat, ethically reared and treated with respect. Expect full flavoured, well-rendered, crispy bacon that will change the way you look at this porky gold. Start off simple with The Anti Hero, an ode to the good ol’ bacon butty – house sourdough with plenty of crispy bacon and homemade ketchup. For the more adventurous, try The Rooster, a Kaiser roll, bacon, fried egg and Taberu chilli garlic sauce, but if you really want to experience something delicious, you must not miss The Harvey Specter – ciabatta, crispy bacon, brie, slow roasted tomatoes and pesto. This is one sharply dressed sandwich that will close the deal on any size hunger! If you’re carbohydrate shy, there is The Rabbit, a salad of lettuce, endive and rocket topped with the classic combo of bacon and blue cheese. It’s finished off with slices of avo, a sprinkling of croutons and nuts and tossed in a zingy lime dressing. It’s enough to make a vegetarian turn.


Bacon on Bree will be enticing folks from 7h00-16h00 Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 8h00-14h00. Pop in for breakfast or lunch and grab a cup of Kamili coffee, served in beautiful Mervyn Gers ceramic mugs. There is ashwood counter seating inside and the interior look is kept modern and minimalist with cool copper touches. You can also opt to sit outside at one of the street tables and catch a bit of sun as you watch the city go by. Bacon on Bree is set to become a favourite, and with bacon as the star of the show, it’s going to be tough act to beat.

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