4 Delicious and Easy Recipes with Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of natures greatest gifts; it is full of incredible health benefits and tastes delicious (learn how to taste it correctly here). For many years there was a misconception that olive oil should not be used for cooking, but this is a myth that has been completely dispelled. Not only does it hold up well with many different cooking applications, it also adds great flavour to food. We showcase exactly that with these 4 easy and delicious recipes with olive oil.

Look out for The SA Olive Seal

We are extremely fortunate in South Africa that we have a successful olive oil industry that is producing world-class, award winning olive oils. SA Olive is an association that represents the industry; their seal is visible on bottles of locally produced oils as a sign of guaranteed quality and freshness. The seal will display the date of harvest and also ensures the consumer that the oil is 100% locally produced.

Sa Olive Seal


4 Recipes with Olive Oil

These four recipes with olive oil have been developed to showcase its versatility and just how delicious it is.

Marinated Wild Mushroom Pasta with Walnut Crumble

Recipes with Olive Oil - Pasta-with-mushrooms-olive-oil

Pasta is so incredibly versatile, and, one of the most delicious and simple ways to really appreciate it, is served tossed with a great extra virgin olive oil. We love how this dish brings in the umami flavour of beautiful wild mushrooms, highlighted with local olive oil and with added texture from the walnut crumb.

Use an intense style extra virgin olive oil to really add punch to this dish.


Crispy Pizza Breads with Confit Garlic and Olive Oil & Herb Marinated Goat Cheese

Recipes with Olive Oil - Pizza-Bread-Olive-oil

This really is a fabulous dish for entertaining as the garlic and cheese can both be prepared ahead of time. In this recipe, we’ve used the confit method to slow cook the garlic, which caramelises it and gives it a great spreadable texture – like a vamped up version of garlic butter. We’ve also marinated the goat cheese in a herbed olive oil.

Crispy pizza breads, fresh out of the oven, are topped with confit garlic and slices of herby goat cheese. It’s the kind of dish that can be put in the centre of a table of friends and everyone can help themselves – ideal for long and lazy summer evenings.

Use any style extra virgin olive oil to prepare the bread and to confit the garlic and marinade the cheese, we recommend a medium to intense style oil.


Mediterranean Feta ‘Dip’ with Olive Oil Crackers

Mediterranean Olive Oil Dip SA Olive

This dish is a holiday to the Med, without having to leave the door! Feta cheese, baby tomatoes, green peppers, olives, avocado and red onion are drizzled generously with a herb-infused extra virgin olive oil and scooped up with olive oil crackers. Best served with a chilled glass of prosecco.

Because the oil is used as a dip in this dish, you could use anything from a delicate to an intense oil depending on your guests. For those who may not be used to quality extra virgin olive oil, perhaps use a delicate or medium oil, as some may find an intense style oil too pungent. For those who regularly use EVOO in its natural state, this dish will sing with a really good quality intense oil, where the bitterness works well with the olives, feta and other Mediterranean flavours.


Olive Oil Polenta Cakes With Pink Grapefruit Drizzle

Recipes with Olive Oil - bundt_cakelets-Olive-Oil

We love this polenta cake as the olive oil adds to the overall moisture and texture. The drizzle is a balance of sweetness from the icing sugar and tartness from the grapefruit, and of course, we love the delicate pink hue.

We recommend using a delicate extra virgin olive oil in this recipe so as not to overpower the delicate cake flavours.


Want to know more about EVOO? Learn about the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other olive oil types.

SA Olive OIl

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