Gin Galore – Celebrate World Gin Day with these Gin Recipes

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We love a spirit that is both delicious to drink and delicious to cook with, and gin is exactly that. So much more than the classic G&T (even though it’s still the OG), gin works perfectly with seafood, summery salads and wintry desserts. In honour of World Gin Day coming up, we’ve collated some of our fav recipes for a year-round celebration of this timeless tipple.

Savoury Gin Recipes

No, gin isn’t only for drinking! Using it in savoury dishes adds a wonderful depth of flavour to dressings and marinades, especially when using botanical gins.

gin week recipes
gin recipes

Gin Cured Angelfish

We love the flavour the addition of gin gives this Angelfish ceviche. The tangy cured fish is the perfect appetiser, served atop crunchy bruschetta and creamy avo.

Recipe for Gin Cured Angelfish

Citrusy Summer Salad with Gin Dressing

Liven up your salad with citrus to add juiciness, sweetness and a delicious zest. While you’re at it, toss a gin dressing into the salad mix for the perfect balance of bitter-sweet.

Recipe for Citrusy Summer Salad with Gin Dressing

gin week oysters
inverroche salmon recipe

Gibson Cocktail Oysters with Lime

This Gibson Cocktail-inspired mignonette sauce will take your oysters to the next level. Complete with Inverroche Classic, pickled onion and lime zest – it’s the perfect starter for an evening of opulence.

Recipe for Gibson Cocktail Oysters with Lime

Gin Botanical Cured Trout

A stunning dish infused with gin botanicals. Simply brush the trout with your favourite gin and serve alongside a G&T for double the deliciousness. Bam, you’re ready to party!

Recipe for Gin Botanical Cured Trout

Sweet Gin Recipes

Summer or winter, there’s nothing you can’t do with gin! Swap out the summery salads for these delicious wintry desserts. They’re comforting, warm and will give you that extra kick on those nippy days.

Boozy Gin Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallows

Orange hot chocolate with bruléed homemade marshmallows, this recipe is a guaranteed winter winner. We’ve used Inverroche Coco L’Orange to add some extra caramel and citrusy notes that complement the chocolate oh-so-well. Don’t forget the homemade marshmallows!

Recipe for Gin Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallows

Ginger Pear Cake with Gin & Tonic Poached and Caramelised Pears

Instead of using wine to poaching our pears, we’ve added a modern twist and used gin and tonic as a poaching liquid. This show-stopping cake is topped with the poached pears and drizzled with a delectable salted caramel sauce.

Recipe for Ginger Pear Cake with Gin & Tonic and Caramelised Pears

Gin Cocktails

The classic G&T never disappoints, but when you have an incredible selection of local craft botanical gins to choose from, why not crank the flavour up a notch?

Gin Cocktail Inverroche
Gin Week Recipe

Warm Buttered Gin Cocktail

Butter, spice and all things nice, this gin cocktail is filled with spiced butter and caramel goodness. Just the right tipple to warm you up on a cold winter’s night!

Recipe for Warm Buttered Gin Cocktail

ClemenGold Gin & Tonic with Polenta Crackers

A fruity gin & tonic with a spicy kick – don’t say we didn’t warn you! The addition of the jalapeño and ClemenGold citrus makes this the perfect autumnal version of your classic G&T. Pair it with these irresistible polenta crackers and you have the ultimate appetiser!

Recipe for ClemenGold Gin & Tonic with Polenta Crackers

Check our list of Standout South African Gins to see how many local craft gins are on offer.

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