Where to Buy Free-Range Meat

Words: Jess Spiro

The importance of choosing free-range meat over something that’s come from a feedlot can’t be stressed enough. Not only is it healthier for you, but it means that the animal it came from lived a life with access to the outdoors and sunshine. Humans have become somewhat disconnected from where their meat comes from. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t come from a polystyrene container, cling-wrapped and sold to you in a sterile supermarket. It comes from an animal, one that should have proper access to wide open spaces and grass. If you’re making the pledge to eat less, but better quality meat, be sure to check out this list of where to buy free-range meat that is ethically reared.



Based on long-standing relationships with ethical farmers who have been in the free-range business for years, Braeside is a stalwart in Johannesburg. Go buy and chat to one of the expert butchers for some advice, or simply pick up whatever you’re after and sort yourself out.


Jackson’s Real Food Market

Jackson’s is changing the face of food retailers in Joburg, there’s no two ways about it. The meat they source is grass-fed Kalahari-reared and just about the best meat you can buy. Stop by and see what other exciting, fresh and organic food options they have to go along with your beef for dinner.


Cape Town

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

Run by husband and wife duo, Andy and Nicole Fenner, Frankie Fenner is one of the first butcheries that not only supplies ethically sourced, grass-fed meat, but also encourages conversations about it. If you need any convincing that you should only be eating free-range meat then the Fenners are your people to talk to. Their team at Woodstock and Palmyra are friendly and informed, so grab yourself a Rosetta coffee and ask some nitty-gritty questions about your meat. We promise, it will be worth it. Check out Andy’s book Meat Manifesto for more about this way of living.


Ryan Boon

If you’re asking the right kinds of questions at restaurants (and you should always be asking where your meat comes from) you’re probably eating Ryan Boon’s meat. He’s supplying a vast number of Cape Town restaurants, but also has a store front at The Warenmarkt in Stellenbosch. He’s hugely knowledgeable, so be sure to pick up some meat from him the next time you’re in Stellenbosch.


Boschendal Werf Butchery

With meat sourced from animals living on the Boschendal property, or near by, you’re guaranteed some of the best free-range meat around. Pick up some fresh veggies from the Werf Garden, plus your ethically sourced meat and a sneaky bottle of Boschendal’s wine, and you’re halfway to making a memorable dinner for yourself. The butchery has a cracking team working the counter who will be able to help you with whatever your needs are. If you have time and are in the area Boschendal farm is well worth the visit.


Farmer Angus

Farmer Angus is widely known throughout the Cape for his fresh free-range products. His pasture-raised beef and eggs are the go-to choice of products for many of Cape Town’s award winning restaurants, including the Mount Nelson, Spier and La Tête to name a few. For those that like to whip up their own meals – you can find Farmer Angus products at numerous stores in the Western Cape, and at Jackson’s Real Food markets in Johannesburg. Check out their website to see a comprehensive list of their products, as well as which stores stock what.



Gourmet Butcher

While not technically a butcher shop, their online store will service your free-range meat needs. They deliver to certain parts of the country on certain days so just visit the website, add what you need to your cart and you’ll be eating ethically in no time.


Wild Organics

Wild Organics supplies free range meat alongside all their other organic food offerings which makes it easy to do all your weekly shopping online and in one place. All the meats are sourced from specific areas and single farms which ensures traceability, consistency and an ethical chain of production. Sausage and biltong is specially made for Wild using their own supplied organic spice and natural sea salt with no gluten fillers or preservatives. If a healthy and ethical lifestyle choice is what you are after then go straight to the webite and place your order online.


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