Delightful Office Meals & Nutritious Inspiration with Westfalia #AVOEXPERTS

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It’s the new year – filled with new decisions about healthy eating and new challenges to sustain them. Get nutritious inspiration with Westfalia Fruit and take your office meals and brunch plans from drab to fab!

Nutritious Inspiration with Westfalia

Don’t fool yourself, if you set the bar too high, it can only cause frustration. So, rather aim for a salad kind of ‘bar’ with some added yumminess and at least get those ‘meals-away-from-home’ sorted right from the start. This doesn’t only include office lunches, but even a great brunch idea for those who prefer to eat a little later.

Delightful Office Meals

How do easy recipes for healthy office bowls sound? Westfalia has three wholesome and tasty options to keep you inspired.

Guacamole B.A.T. Brunch Bowl

B.A.T. Bowl Avocado is such a healthy and versatile ingredient as it goes with, well almost, anything. For a B.A.T. brunch bowl, bacon and roasted baby tomatoes are combined with baby spinach leaves and dollops of Westfalia Plain or Spicy Guacamole. You can have it as is or use these ingredients to pile on top of an English muffin.

Creamy guacamole is rich in healthy oils and perfect for spreading on savoury muffins; it doubles as a ‘sauce’ with the other ingredients.

Get the recipe for Guacamole B.A.T. Brunch Bowl

Guacamole Smoothie Bowl

guacamole smoothie bowlwestfalia bannerIf you prefer something even smoother, quickly blend a few wholesome ingredients before leaving the house. A combination of cucumber, spinach, cashew nuts, fresh ginger, coconut milk or full cream yoghurt, plus the health benefits of Westfalia Plain Guacamole, is a win. Even better – a smoothie bowl will keep you full until the next meal.

Westfalia Guacamole is so convenient; it’s available all year round, add dollops to many different meals for a flavour and nutrient boost. It won’t discolour easily, even when blended in a smoothie.

Get the recipe for Guacamole Smoothie Bowl

Mexican Salad Bowl

westfalia bannerYou must try this vegetarian Mexican Salad Bowl for nutritious inspiration with Westfalia. The roasted butternut with a hint of garlic and paprika is delicious with crunchy corn, red kidney beans and refreshing salsa. Instead of typically adding sour cream, guacamole complements all the different flavours so well.

The beans are a great source of protein and this is indeed a balanced meal-in-one, with a good variety of ingredients from a range of food groups.

Remember, the good fats in avocado are not only healthy but also filling.

Get the recipe for Mexican Salad Bowl with Guacamole

Real Avocados

Westfalia’s range of guacamole is produced from the flesh of ripe Hass avocados. Did you know that there are about 2 whole avocados in each tub of guac? The avocados are hand-scooped, resulting in a delicious guacamole with plenty of chunky avo. There are four flavours in the range to choose from: Plain, Spicy, Sweet Chilli Salsa and Biltong-Flavoured. The guacamole is produced following food safety practices that will ensure a product of the highest standards. Nutritious inspiration with Westfalia has never been tastier.

High-pressure processing (HPP) is used, giving the product a yummy, fresh taste without the need for preservatives or other additives. It’s also packed with all the goodness of heart-healthy fats that avos are known for. The product is both Halaal and Kosher certified and suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. You’ll have to agree – nothing less is expected from the #AVOEXPERTS.

Westfalia Guacamole

Be Guac-creative

If you are really strapped for time, pack your favourite Westfalia Guacamole in the range and use as the ideal dip with your choice of raw veggies for a light lunch, spread on toast or your favourite sarmie. Dip meatballs, pieces of chicken or cooked veggies into the real avocado goodness. Trust the #AVOEXPERTS for nutritious inspiration with Westfalia.

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