Pasta Night’s New Fav – Green Olive, Caper & Herb Pasta with Crunchy Pangrattato

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Green Olive, Caper and Herb Pasta with Crunchy Pangrattato

If you love the punchy, salty flavours of ingredients like olives and capers, then you’ve found a recipe that will become a firm favourite right here. This farfalle pasta dish has the fresh Mediterranean flavours of olives, capers, plenty of fresh green herbs and luscious glugs of extra virgin olive oil. The Pangrattato topping with Parmesan cheese, Panko bread crumbs and chilli adds the most satisfying crunch to this butterfly/ bow-tie pasta dish.

The dish is actually quite versatile in that it is just as delicious served hot or cold, so is perfect for any season.  Make a big bowlful and enjoy along with a glass of your favourite white wine.

Farfalle Pasta; Butterflies and Bow Ties

Farfalle style pasta originated in Italy in the 16th century and is actually one of the oldest known pasta shapes. Many of the old Italian pasta shapes were simply named after things that they resembled, which is where ‘farfalle’ comes from. In Italian, ‘farfalle’ (pronounced far-FALL-lay) means ‘butterfly’ – how cute!

Helios Farfalle Pasta

Greek pasta company, Helios, remains true to its principles of high-quality, environmental protection and the creation of innovative, new products. The inviting little butterfly shapes make for the perfect pasta base for this Green Olive, Caper and Herb Pasta with Crunchy Pangrattato recipe. Fresh flavours and the tying component, Aegean Olive Oil, brings you delicious satisfaction – trust us!

Dress to Impress with Aegean Gold Olive Oil

Few Mediterranean dishes would be complete without a healthy serving of olive oil. We’ve dressed this farfalle pasta with several glugs of Aegean Gold olive oil, which adds to the flavour and complexity.

Since 2004 Aegean Gold olive oil has been awarded more than 40 distinctions in international competitions. The oil is typical of Lesbos and is mainly produced from the Kolovi variety, which gives it a strong fruity character. Also included in the blend is Adramytiani and Latholia olives, which give aroma, texture and a balanced flavour.

Get the recipe for Green Olive, Caper and Herb Pasta with Crunchy Pangrattato

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