Well Worn at Cavalli Weaves a Tale of Art and Zeitgeist

Words: Dumi Mparutsa

Cavalli, the Cape Wineland’s finest art destination, continues to captivate both art lovers and avid foodies, this time with Well Worn, an eclectic display of intricate fashion and textile design. Participating artists are set to explore fashion as a manifestation of contemporary culture during this compelling exhibition which opens at the Gallery at Cavalli on the 4th of February and runs until the 27th of May 2018.

Well Worn

If art serves as a mirror to our civilization, what truer way is there to reflect on our Zeitgeist than to examine art in its closet form to us – through fashion and textiles. Fashion is a true manifestation of the times and of our current psychological, social political and visual existence.

Fashion has played an integral role in the human expression and over the years has woven its way into contemporary art practice. Artworks will include figurative, abstract and conceptual works, as well as sculptural, photographic, performative and video graphic artwork.

The Well Worn exhibition opens on Sunday, 4 February 2018, between the hours of 16hoo – 18h00 with a fashion performance by designer Megan Taljaard and performance artist Rozanne Vos.


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