Water Saving Tips From Suzelle DIY and Helen Zille

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The ever-effervescent Suzelle is our very own local DIY maven; she has shown us how to make everything from hair accessories using coffee filters to how to dolly up our shopping trolley. She’s been busy lately with some new DIY projects that have been right up our alley and we just had to share. To celebrate World Water Day (22 March) she hooked up with Helen Zille to tell us how to minimise our water wastage – a seriously hot topic at the moment. We think what the pair of them had to say is really worthwhile. Suzelle also recently created a really cool mini greenhouse garden, and we’ve shared that below too. This long weekend you have a garden project to do, plus, you now have no excuse to be wasting water – there’s it!

suzelle- DIY Green tips
Suzelle’s vivacious personality and her dedication to the art of home improvement will have you in stitches. Her unique brand of comedy paired with actual useful tips, are a winning combination that really epitomise the phrase ‘local is lekker’. We caught up with Suzelle to find out a bit more about what makes this colourful lady tick.

Tell us a little bit about Suzelle the kid, where she grew up, what her favourite activity was and whether she always had such fabulous hair accessories? I am a small town girl from Somerset West. I have always been proud of my appearance. I started wearing my hair in an up-style when I was little because it used to get in the way of my arts and crafts projects. Then I started adding bows and flowers because it was a way for me to express my creativity.

Your videos inspire people to do new things that they may not have thought possible – was it always your intention to make the world more beautiful and to make peoples lives easier with each DIY project? You know what? I didn’t have a plan when I started. I’ve always just been very hands-on and I love to use my creativity. I just want everyone to know that they can do it too.

Have you ever injured yourself (or Marianne) during filming? Sometimes situations can get a bit hairy especially when we are up on a ladder and using power tools, but luckily we have never had anything serious happen.

Who taught you how to use power tools? My parents and my oupa.

We love your dress sense; do you have fashion idols that inspire your look? I love Katie Holmes and Charlize Theron!

We hear that HRH Prince George had a cool tree house built for him. If you were commissioned to make a DIY gift for HRH Princess Charlotte, what would you make? I would make her a mobile out of everyday objects but I would spray paint them all gold and silver because she is a real princess.

If you could have invented one thing, what would it be? Cable ties.

Quickfire Questions

Your personality as an ice cream flavour… Tooti Fruity.
Favourite DIY project so far… The Braai Pie
Favourite high tea sweet treat… Koeksisters
Yummiest thing to braai… Boerewors Bagel Dogs
Who would be your partner on the Amazing Race? Marianne. She basically is a GPS.
Puppy or kitten? No comment
Do you sing in the shower? Of course, and in the car.

Photo credits: Ari Kruger & Adriaan Oosthuizen

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Reliance Compost

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