Drink in Style with Villiera Pearls of Nectar Cap Classique

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Villiera has been crafting Cap Classique since 1984 and is recognised among leading producers in this category. Their latest offering is no different; Villiera Pearls of Nectar is a Cap Classique crafted in a modern and fresh style, with exceptional taste.

Pearls of Nectar was added to Villiera’s portfolio towards the end of 2022, to meet the growing consumer demand for nectar sparkling wines. It is line priced with Villiera Tradition Brut and Tradition Brut Rosé, thus appealing to savvy consumers looking for wine with excellent value, quality and style.

Made Sustainably with Style

The name ‘Pearls of Nectar’ refers to the magical string of tiny bubbles that rise in beautiful columns; as well as the pearls of nectar that attract birds and insects to the many indigenous flowers on the Villiera estate. The striking design reflects the contemporary style of this Cap Classique, and bears the Grier family’s creative signature and philosophical approach. The packaging also pays homage to Villiera’s sustainable use of solar energy with the small sun emblem on the label.

Expect toasty notes of crème brûlée and sun ripened nectarines on the palate, balanced by a racy acidity. This wine teams up beautifully with desserts and is suitable for general enjoyment, on any occasion.

Villiera Pearls of Nectar Cap Classique

Pearls of Nectar is made mainly from Chardonnay grapes. Whole bunches are deposited directly in the presses and pressed gently according to a Champagne pressing programme. Only the cuvée (the best quality juice) was used in the blend. After secondary fermentation in the bottle, the sparkling wine matured in contact with the lees for approximately 18 months. It is enriched by the addition of a higher dosage.

“Our mission in crafting the dosage was to steer the wine stylistically, to emphasise the fruit and ensure a slightly sweeter taste,” says Alexander Grier, a fourth-generation member of the Grier family.

Villiera Pearls of Nectar is available at the Villiera Online Shop, retail bottle shops and select fine wine retailers. For more information visit the links below.

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