Vegetarian Braai Recipes that Your Veggie Friend Will Love

Words: Emma Nkunzana

A braai is more than just a tjop en dop or shisa nyama. It’s time for herbivores and carnivores to unite around the fire and to do that we’ve rounded up our best vegetarian braai recipes (they  may even have you converting). We’ve thrown in a few vegan braai recipes as well.Vegetarian Braai Recipes

Our Favourite Vegetarian Braai Recipes

Vegetarian Roast

A play on the ‘turducken’ concept but with a veggie twist, perfect to leave on the braai for a couple of hours.

Get the recipe for this Vegetarian Roast

Vegetarian Tandoori Aubergines With Mint Tzatziki

A fusion of Indian and Greek flavours make for a welcoming dish. Cook over a fire for about 20-30 minutes until cooked through. Omit the tzatziki for a vegan version.

Get the recipe for  these Tandoori Aubergines

vegetarian braai recipes vegetable roast
vegetarian braai recipes tandoori aubergines

Vegetarian Grilled Marinated Brinjal

Brinjal is a firm favourite amongst meat eaters and veggies alike. With its own tender and juicy meaty texture.


Get the recipe for these Marinated Brinjals

Vegetarian Marinated Peppers

Peppers are great for charring over the flame. Let them turn black, peel, marinade and serve as part of a Mediterranean platter. Omit the cheese for a vegan version.

Get the recipe for these Marinated Peppers

Vegetarian Braai Recipes grilled marinated brinjal
Vegetarian Braai Recipes marinated peppers

Vegetarian Caprese Brinjal Parcels

These parcels are great as a braai snack, just make sure you make enough.

Get the recipe for these Brinjal Parcels

Vegan Crumbed ‘Chicken Style Burgers’ With Braaied Mushrooms, Basil & Wild Rocket Salad & Grilled Pineapple

Shrooms are a veggie that hold themselves well as a meat substitute. In this recipe, we used them as ‘rolls’ to the patty but you could easily use them as the patty.

Get the recipe for these Vegetarian Crumbed ‘Chicken Style’ Burgers

Vegetarian Braai Recipes caprese brinjal parcels
Vegetarian Braai Recipes chicken style burger

Vegan Chunky Skewers With Toasted Coconuts

These skewers will unite both herbivorous and carnivorous, the coconut, chilli and lime marinade is summer on a stick!

Get the recipe for these Chunky Vegetarian Skewers With Toasted Coconut

Vegan Pretzel Roll Braai Sausages With Asian Chakalaka

The South African salsa – chakalaka – gets an Asian spin.

Get the recipe for these Braai Sausages with Asian Chakalaka

Vegetarian Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Ale Beer Bread

This beer bread is so good it’ll being a tear to your eye.

Get the recipe for this Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Ale Beer Bread

Vegan Cumin Seed Pitas

Braai these to perfection over hot coals.

Get the recipe for these Cumin Seed Pitas

Vegetarian braai recipes - Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Ale Beer Bread
Vegetarian Braai Recipes - cumin seed flat breads

Vegan Sweet and Sticky Parsnips

These can be oven roasted or braaied – we love the smokiness from the hot coals.

Get the recipe for these Sweet and Sticky Parsnips

Vegan BBQ Pulled Polony Braaied Sarmie

Use your favourite vegan meat substitute on this sandwich and grill on the braai for extra toastiness. The BBQ sauce is vegan and delish!

Get the recipe for these BBQ Pulled Polony Sandwiches

Vegetarian Braai Recipes - Sweet and Sticky Parsnips
Vegetarian Braai Recipes - BBQ pulled polony

Want to make potato salad for that vegan friend? Check out our recipe for vegan Aquafaba mayonnaise.

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