Creepy and Fun Food Superstitions

Words: Jess Spiro

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to watch your step and stay out of trouble – the ghouls are on the loose this week. But if, like us, you’ll be spending the bewitched weekend in the kitchen, and you think you’re safe from any ghostly activities, think again. Some of the spookiest food superstitions involve the kitchen and we’re here to make sure you stay safe this Halloween.

10 Food Superstitions and what they mean

1. Food Superstitions – Spilling Salt

Probably the most well known, because we all know not to spill salt or risk inviting bad luck into our lives. Even creepier though is the idea of tossing salt over your left shoulder. Legend goes that the devil is always standing behind you and tossing salt over your shoulder into his eye will distract him from stealing your soul. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Make your own pretty in pink Pomegranate Salt.

Food Superstitions Spilling Salt

2. Food Superstitions – Egg shells

Watch out the next time you crack a couple of eggs and be sure to smash up the empty shells before discarding them. Why? Well, if you don’t, a witch will gather up the shells, fashion herself a boat, set sail and unleash terrible storms at sea. Good to know. Learn about different types of eggs here.

Food Superstitions Egg Shells

3. Food Superstitions – Bread

Ever had trouble with bread that just won’t rise? Well, one explanation could be the devil sitting on it and ruining it. Apparently, if you don’t mark a cross at the top of your loaf before baking, the devil will make himself right at home on your bread and will prevent it from rising. Similarly, if you cut open your bread to find a large hole or bubble, someone will apparently die because the shape represents a coffin – creepy! Get some tasty bread recipes.

Farm To Table Cooking

4. Food Superstitions – Bread and Butter

If you’re walking somewhere with someone very important to you and an obstacle comes between you that forces you to separate and walk on either side, shout ‘Bread and Butter’. This will prevent any rifts between you, and you will remain as close as butter smeared on bread.

5. Food Superstitions – Knives

Be careful who you gift knives to as they are believed to sever relationships. Best way to keep everything intact is to make sure the person receiving the knife gives you a coin to ‘pay’ for it, thus making the exchange a transaction, not a gift. Learn about classic vegetable cutting techniques and make yourself a culinary pro.

food superstitions

6. Food Superstitions – Tea

Despite what your elocution teacher may have said, if you pour milk into your tea before your sugar you may never get married. However, undissolved sugar at the bottom of the cup may mean that someone is in love with you. But, be careful when stirring – move anticlockwise and you conjure up the devil and if the tag falls off, then you’re in for some bad luck. You really do risk it all when brewing up a cuppa! Download our funky tea wallpaper.

Food Superstitions Tea

7. Food Superstitions – Coffee

A little strapped? Your coffee may solve your money troubles, apparently. If you’re drinking a cup of coffee with bubbles on the surface, you should spoon them up and eat them, this will bring some money into your future. Learn everything you need to know about coffee plus, cook with coffee!

Food Superstitions

8. Food Superstitions – Noodles

In Chinese culture, noodles represent long life, so be sure never to cut or bite them into pieces – you’ll be cutting life short. Slurp your noodles instead and stay well-fed and alive. Check out this tasty recipe for Udon Noodle Broth.

Food Superstitions Noodles

9. Food Superstitions – Jalapeño Peppers

Next time you’re eating some spicy Mexican food and your friend asks you to pass the jalapeños, don’t pass it directly to them but put it on the table so they can pick it up. Rumour has it that it will cause things to be a little fiery between you two and will bring serious discord into the friendship. Get the recipe for these Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos.

Food Superstitions Jalapeño

10. Food Superstitions – Onions

Watch out when working with onions, there’s a belief that dropping them on the floor is akin to throwing your luck away!

Food Superstitions Onions

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