Cooking with Coffee: Ultimate Coffee Recipe Round Up

Words: Emma Nkunzana

At Crush HQ we’re crazy for coffee. We love the smell of it, we love to drink it, talk about it and cook with it. There’s something about the earthy, roasted flavour that adds interest and toasted notes to a dish. Coffee is often used in desserts, but there’s no reason not to broaden your horizons a little and try in savoury dishes too. Here we’ve rounded up our favourite coffee recipes for you to try out.

Adding a Coffee Kick

Marinading or dry-rubbing your proteins with coffee is a great way of adding extra flavour and tenderising meats. If you use ground coffee for your morning fix, instead of throwing it out, store it in your spice cabinet. Add a small amount to rubs that are spicy and smoky in flavour to give it an extra oomph.

Coffee & Maple Glazed Bacon

Three titans of flavour come together to create the ultimate bacon flavour bomb.

Recipe for Coffee & Maple Glazed Bacon

Coffee Rubbed Tomahawk

There are steaks… and then there are coffee-rubbed tomahawk steaks. Besides being ridiculously tasty, they just sound cool too.

Recipe for Coffee Rubbed Tomahawk

Coffee & Spiced Rubbed Salmon Tacos

Adding coffee to fish may seem counter-intuitive, luckily salmon is a versatile fish and pairs well with the smoky spicy flavours of this recipe.

Recipe for Coffee & Spiced Rubbed Salmon Taco

Coffee Rub T-Bone with Stuffed Potatoes

This rub brings out a real depth, you’ll be tempted to throw it on all your meats.

Recipe for Coffee Rub T-Bone with Stuffed Potatoes

Duck Popiah

This popular eastern street food is great for entertaining a crowd, similar to springrolls but much lighter and fresher.

Recipe for Duck Popiah

Pork Ribs with a Sticky Coffee Basting Sauce

Because one rib recipe is never enough, and who knew how well Asian flavours paired with coffee.

Recipe for Pork Ribs with a Sticky Coffee Basting Sauce

A Sweet Ending – Desserts With Coffee

Desserts flavoured with coffee can be absolutely delicious, especially for those who claim not to have a sweet tooth. It’s the perfect harmony of sweet and bitter giving desserts a new level of sophistication.

After-dinner Espresso Chocolate Truffles

This is an after-dinner indulgence you’re going to want to wow your guests with time and time again…

Recipe for After-dinner Espresso Chocolate Truffles

Cappucino Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Our two favourite things in muffin form – serve with coffee for maximum enjoyment.

Recipe for Cappucino Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Coffee Tequila Ice Cream with Smashed Malted Puffs

This is a showstopper of an ice cream that will have everyone begging you for the recipe! The coffee tequila takes it to a whole new indulgent level and amplifies the coffee flavour in the ice cream. As far as the smashed malted puffs go – well, everyone loves those!

Recipe for Coffee Tequila Ice Cream

White Chocolate and Coffee Mousse

This is a decadent dessert with a lovely light texture that is sure to impress at a dinner party. The coffee gives it a sophisticated flavour and the hazelnuts add crunchy texture. What’s not to love?

Recipe for White Chocolate & Coffee Mousse

Coffee Banana Bread with Espresso Whipped Butter

This coffee banana bread with whipped espresso butter is perfect for breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner and midnight snacking.

Recipe for Coffee Banana Bread

Coffee Flapjacks with Mocha Sauce

Pile em’ high and drench with sauce for maximum mocha flavour. The deep and intense chocolaty notes are perfect for the mocha sauce and to give the pancakes with a rich coffee flavour.

Recipe for Coffee Flapjacks with Mocha Sauce

Hazelnut & Coffee Layered Cake

This recipe is the perfect way of having your cake and coffee in one bite.

Recipe for Hazelnut & Coffee Layered Cake

Vanilla Irish Coffee

A delicious after meal treat that you can whip up in no time.

Recipe for Vanilla Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Brownies with Whiskey Cream

We’ve taken one of our favourite drinks and made it into a brownie. Hell yes!

Irish Coffee Brownies

Coffee Chocolate Bundt Cakes with Chocolate Ganache and Bacon Crumble

If you haven’t yet explored the world of coffee, chocolate and bacon, have you even lived?

Coffee Chocolate Bundt Cakes with Chocolate Ganache and Bacon Crumble


Coffee Chiffon Cake With Peacan Nut Brittle

A decadent dessert that’s perfect for sharing amongst friends.

Recipe for Coffee Chiffon Cake

Coffee & Chocolate Delice

Wow your guest and test your culinary prowess with this dessert.

Recipe for Coffee & Chocolate Delice

Ready to cook something coffeelicious? Check out where to buy the best beans from these local coffee shops with roasteries

Use your leftover coffee grounds for good

Don’t chuck your used coffee grinds, upcycle them into this exfoliating body scrub. Directions here!

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