The Easiest Way to Make Ice Cream Without a Machine

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Very few people actually own an ice cream maker, so on average, ice cream is something people tend to buy from a supermarket, or order at a restaurant or ice cream parlour. It’s one of those treats that really feels like a special occasion because it’s not something you can enjoy everyday.

But what if you could, on the odd occasion, make your own ice cream at home? The ingredients are pretty simple – chances are you probably have them in your fridge and pantry right now – and it’s such a crowd-pleasing dessert for a party or gathering. Yes, it might not be the same as your favourite ice cream shop, but you’ll be able to experiment with some creative flavour combinations – and with our foolproof no-churn ice cream method, you’ll definitely get that silky smooth and creamy consistency we all know and love.

But what does churning actually do?

Before we discuss our no-churn method, it’s important to understand why ice cream is churned in the first place, so that we can find ways of mimicking the process without a machine. Churning ice cream prevents large ice crystals from forming, which helps produce the smooth and luscious texture that we’re used to. Ice cream makers churn using a paddle and an electric motor that churns the ice cream at a set speed. The ice cream maker rhythmically breaks up the ice crystals and creates an emulsion.

To mimic the functionality of an ice cream machine, we need to incorporate as much air into the mixture before the freezing process, so that large ice crystals don’t form while the ice cream is freezing.

There are a few ways to do this, but our favourite is the ‘two-ingredient method’.

Foolproof No-churn Ice Cream Method

For the two-ingredient method, all you need is heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and a good stand mixer or whisk. You can add any other flavourings you like, but these two ingredients are your base.

All you need to do is beat the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Fold half of the whipped cream into the condensed milk, and then add the rest of the cream and fold lightly until everything is combined – this is your ice cream base. If you want to add flavourings like vanilla extract and lemon zest, for example, then you’d add these to your condensed milk and mix well before adding your cream.

To freeze, pour your condensed milk and whipped cream mixture into a loaf tin, and cover with cling wrap or baking paper. Make sure there is no air between the mixture and the cover, so press down lightly. Freeze overnight and serve.

Easy No-churn Recipes

Here are some of our favourite no-churn ice cream recipes for you to try at home…

No-churn LemonGold Ice Cream

Creamy and lemony – perfect for summer!

Recipe for No-churn LemonGold Ice Cream

Fruit Mince Pie Ice Cream

You don’t have to wait ’til Christmas to enjoy this festive treat!

Recipe for Fruit Mince Pie Ice Cream

4-Ingredient Avocado & Lime No-churn Ice Cream

It’s healthy, it’s zesty, and you only need four ingredients to make this treat.

Recipe for 4-Ingredient Avocado & Lime No-churn Ice Cream

Salted Dark Chocolate, Pretzel & Caramel-rippled Ice Cream

This one has a few extra steps, but still uses the two-ingredient method. The touch of salt really brings out the chocolate flavour, while the oil adds a delicious creaminess to this fuss-free ice cream. Enjoy!

Recipe for Salted Dark Chocolate, Pretzel & Caramel-rippled Ice Cream

Looking for the ultimate summer treat? Check out our favourite frozen dessert recipes.

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