The Culture of Reliance Compost

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Reliance Compost
This short video gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the culture of Reliance as a company. See a snapshot of life at the Klipheuwel farm where Reliance is made, as well as a look at some of the educational and social upliftment projects that the company is passionate about.

Reliance is actively involved in several projects and initiatives that help uplift communities and educate about living a greener lifestyle. Projects include participating in tree planting, the establishment of vegetable gardens in disadvantaged schools, creating shaded, beautiful playgrounds, job creation in the green sector and education around this important subject. Reliance is a member of the 110% Green Flagship project, an initiative of the WC Government, which calls on organisations to commit to the Green Economy by committing to it, acting on it and making an impact.

The Culture of Soils from Reliance Compost on Vimeo.

Delicious produce is grown in healthy, living soil. #Harvesttotable series brought to you by Reliance Compost.Reliance Compost

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