A Selection of our Favourite Local Olive Oils

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We’re exceptionally fortunate in South Africa to have so many dedicated and passionate producers of local olive oils. Across the board, South African olive oils have scooped numerous international awards, putting them in the same league as countries that have been producing it for centuries.

With sustainable agricultural practices and cold extraction processes, these producers are able to produce top quality olive oils that are rich in antioxidants and biophenols.Crush Olive Oil Selection

Our unique Mediterranean-like climate and terroir create perfect conditions for growing healthy olives that produce the very best olive oils. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite 100% local olive oils.

Local Olive Oils that we Love


Andante Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from olives grown on the Wêreldsgeluk Estate near Porterville. Cultivation, harvest timing and milling are directed at producing the finest quality EVOO with a focus on complex, harmonious flavours and maximising biophenols for their extraordinary health benefits.

Farming practices are ethical, sustainable and natural. A modern two-phase mill is used for cold-extraction and no artificial additives are used. The first trees were planted in March 2006 and today there are 36 hectares with about 36 000 trees (7 cultivars) under cultivation in an intensive system.

Origin: Porterville
Style: Intense
Tasting Notes: intensely fruity aroma of celery, roasted tomatoes, and wild herbs. Complex palate of fresh greens, wild rocket and mustard leaves. Balanced and harmonious.
Price: R90 (375 ml) R55 (250 ml)
Recipe: Try this Veggie and Ricotta Quiche with Parmesan Olive Oil Crust with Andante Forte Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

local Olive Oils
local Olive Oils


Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Frantoio Olive Oil

Babylonstoren sits snugly on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain between the wine growing areas of Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl. The golden green oil is cold extracted from pure Frantoio single varietal olives, with lovely gentle hints of florals and fresh herbs. Olive oil does not mature with age – it should be consumed as fresh as possible to make the most of both its culinary and health benefits.

Origin: Simonsberg Mountains, Simondium
Style: Intense
Tasting Notes: A good mouthfeel with nuts and herbs on the palate followed by medium intense bitter and pepper flavours, making it a very balanced oil with persistent piquancy.
Price: R150 (500 ml)
Recipe: Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Frantoio Olive Oil is perfect with the rich meat in this Summery Shaved Lamb Salad.

local Olive Oils
local Olive Oils


De Rustica Estate Collection Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

De Rustica’s location, deep in the Swartberg Mountains of the Southern Cape, provides the ideal climate to consistently produce world class Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This micro-climate is characterised by cold winters, warm summers without searing heat and altitude resulting in a high day-night temperature range.

This climate produces fruit of exceptional quality. Handpicked on our 130 hectare Estate (+-85 000 olive trees) the olives are pressed in our state-of-the-art production facility.

Since our first commercial harvest in 2012 we have consistently produced award-winning and acclaimed EVOO’s which bear testament to our climate, commitment, passion and core values.

local Olive Oils
local Olive Oils

Origin: De Rust
Style: Medium
Tasting Notes: Medium fruity, with herbaceous notes of unripe tomato and green banana. Fresh and clean taste, it opens with a slightly sweet sensation followed by a pleasantly bitter and spicy charge of medium intensity, persistence rich in vegetal notes dominated by tomato.
Price: R150 (500 ml)
Recipe: De Rustica pairs perfectly with this Mediterranean Feta & Olive ‘Dip’ with Olive Oil Crackers.


Kransfontein Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Established in 1833, Kransfontein is made up of four adjacent farms, three of which were owned by the celebrated author Wilbur Smith who wrote many of his first novels there. In 2000, the farms were bought by Altus Joubert SC, and 10 000 olive trees were planted with the help of Professor Ben Farrel, the doyen of SA landscape architecture. Conditions in this region are perfect for olive growing. In addition to the olive oil, the farm produces olive preserves, chutneys, olive spices and soap products made from olive oil.

Origin: Stilbaai
Style: Medium
Tasting notes: Soft fruity flavour with well-balanced fruit and slight peppery flavours.
Price: R150 (500 ml)
Recipe: We use Kransfontein Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make these Olive Oil Poached Vine Tomatoes with Moroccan Chicken, Bulgar Wheat & Buffalo Mozzarella.

local Olive Oils
local Olive Oils


Marbrin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Marbrin is a family-run farm located in Robertson and well-loved by locals and visitors alike for their fun and quirky nature. Founded in 1997, this boutique farm has grown into one of the best olive oil producing farms in the country. Being inland with clay soils and extreme temperatures, their olive oil is full and intense in flavour and has been voted one of SA’s top olive oils for two consecutive years.

Origin: Robertson, Western Cape
Style: Intense
Tasting Notes: Full and fresh aromas of newly cut grass, herbs and almonds along with a fruity palate of green apples, ripe olives and artichokes, all finished off with hints of black pepper.
Price: R120 (500 ml)
Recipe: Use Marbrin’s extra virgin olive oil to make this divine Marinated Wild Mushroom Pasta with Walnut Crumble.

local Olive Oils


Mount Ceder Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Against a backdrop of rugged beauty and dramatic mountains in the Cederberg, you will find our majestic Olive Grove. From the rocky Karoo terrior, clear mountain water flowing from the Grootrivier, together with cold Karoo nights in winter and the abundance of South African sunshine in summer, all the elements of nature align to bring you the best Kalamata Olives and Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exquisitely well balanced delicate to medium style olive oil full of flavour.  This year our oil is fruitier than in previous years and can be enjoyed with fish, salads and drizzled over vegetables.  Mount Ceder’s extra virgin olive oil won gold for 2017 and was voted one of the top ten olive oils in South Africa.

Origin: Cederberg
Style: Medium
Tasting Notes: Olive Leaf, Mint Leaves and Fresh Green Apples blended with flavours of tropical fruit.
Price: R80 (250 ml)
Recipe: Liberally use Mount Ceder Olive Oil with this beautiful Charred Broccoli and Baby Gem Salad.


Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Badenhorst family have been successful farmers for many years and this experience helped them identify the small hamlet of Prince Albert, in the Karoo, as a perfect place to grow olives. Much research later, they established groves to grow olives and thereafter harvested and pressed their first oils which are packaged in their now trademark yellow tin. The Badenhorsts are the same family that produce wine under the AA Badenhorst Family Wines and Secateurs labels – a talented family indeed!

Origin: Prince Albert, Karoo
Style: Medium
Blend: Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Koroneiki or Favolosa varieties.
Tasting Notes: green fruit, grass & artichoke plus a hint of ripe olives.
Price: R99 (500 ml)
Recipe: Prepare these tasty Smoked Snoek Fish Bites with Sweet Potato Wedges with Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Rupert & Rothschild Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rupert & Rothschild Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend made from two Italian varieties; Frantoio which is the primary varietal used in Tuscan oil. The fruit is medium sized and imparts a nutty flavour to the oil. The remaining 10% is made from Coratina, which adds a peppery flavour. The extra virgin oil is cold extracted resulting in clean, fresh flavours.

The slow ripening of the olives produces a fresh oil with robust fruit flavours. The olives are harvested at different stages during the ripening season. Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons, a joint venture in wine production formed in 1997 between the Rupert family from South Africa and Baron Benjamin de Rothschild from France.

Origin: Simondium
Style: Medium
Tasting notes: Bright, yellow-gold, noble late harvest colour with pastel edges. The nose has a crisp lettuce leaf flavour with a touch of walnut followed by a creamy, delicate mouthfeel and crunchy, white pepper finish.
Price: R95 (500 ml)
Recipe: Rupert & Rothschild Extra Virgin Olive Oil pairs perfectly with this succulent Kingklip with Quinoa.


Vesuvio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Antonio Dotoli brings a wealth of olive oil knowledge passed down by generations of traditional Italian olive oil making. This quality, international award-winning extra virgin olive oil has been perfected by generations of olive oil makers and can be used with a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. Vesuvio Estates is the oldest and one of the largest Olive Estates in South Africa, with 480 hectares of Olive trees.

Origin: Agter Paarl, Western Cape
Style: Medium
Tasting Notes: A perfectly balanced, rich, creamy aromatic oil with fresh, green, herbaceous flavours and a mild, appropriate pepperiness.
Price: R120 (500 ml)
Recipe: Try this Cream Cheese and Olive Stuffed Chicken Breast with Vesuvio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

local olive oils


Waverley Hills Olive Oil

The Du Toit family started Waverley Hills in 2000 and since then 30-hectare vineyards and 10-hectare olive groves have been planted at the foothills of the soaring Witzenberg Mountains.  Renowned for producing organic wines with soft ripe tannins and robust fynbos characteristics, Waverley Hills also produces premium extra virgin olive oil, olives in brine and dried olives.

As WWF Conservation Champion, sustainable practices are used in the grape and olive growing process to ensure the highest quality produce and preservation of the environment.

Origin: Tulbagh, Western Cape
Style: Medium
Tasting Notes: Produced from handpicked olives which are specially selected at optimal ripeness, including Leccino and Frantoio as dominate cultivars. A smooth and buttery mouthfeel with freshly cut grass and pungent peppery notes shape this complex olive oil.
Price: R110 per bottle
Recipe: Make this incredible Labneh with Dukkah and Flatbreads with Waverley Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Willow Creek Olive Estate is nestled in the picturesque Nuy Valley, an area considered one of the Cape Winelands best-kept secrets between Worcester and Robertson.  Purveyors of quality, Willow Creek values the local and international accolades they have achieved over the past 16 years as a testament to their commitment to excellence and an acknowledgement of the endless hard work and passion that drives them.

Willow Creek Directors’ Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Meticulously blended for the olive oil aficionado and everyday chef to bake, cook, dip, drizzle, drench, grill, glaze, fry, roast and enjoy with every meal and every occasion.

Origin: Nuy Valley, Worcester
Style: Intense
Tasting Notes: Willow Creek Directors’ Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a bold yet balanced flavour profile with green aromas of artichoke, green olive and tomato vine accentuated by notes of salad herbs and walnut followed by an elegant bitterness on the palate and tingling pungency at the back of the throat.
Price: R129.99 (500 ml)
Recipe: Drizzle Willow Creek Directors Reserve over this decadent Creamy Red Pepper and Brie Soup.

local olive oils


When buying local olive oils, look out for bottles bearing the SA Olive seal, the official representative body of the South African olive industry. It’s always important to support local enterprises and we love that the SA Olive seal guarantees that when you choose an extra virgin olive oil, you can expect to experience all the enjoyment and benefits of a fresh oil extracted from newly harvested olives.

local olive oils

The seal is a guarantee of product authenticity, confirming that the producers of these local olive oils commit to quality standards, including chemical and taste requirements. Samples of olive oil are regularly submitted to accredited laboratories for chemical analyses and to the SA Olive Organoleptic Tasting Panel for tasting to confirm the absence of defects, in line with internationally accepted methods.

Read about why you should be buying extra virgin olive oil versus other olive oils.

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