The Best Social Media Food Trends that 2022 Gave Us

Words: Robyn Samuels

Social media has virtually packaged food in ‘byte-sized’ portions, sometimes more than we can mentally chew. Despite the overconsumption of content, food trends are moreish and ever-evolving. Here’s some of our favourite social media food trends that 2022 gave us.

Favourite Social Media Food Trends

While your brain buffers what’s for lunch or dinner, ‘the algorithm’ has probably subconsciously fed you options. Now that you realise your deciding power has diminished, your next meal idea is only a Reel/ TikTok/ Pin away. Sounds great in theory, right…? Here’s the glitch — there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of food trends to choose from. To avoid sending you all into a feeding frenzy, we’re sharing some of the most recent and popular social media food trends to digest.

15-hour TikTok Potatoes

Frankly, we’ve taken international flights with shorter durations than the time it takes to make these potatoes. You’re probably thinking, who has that much time on their hands, and why? But once you taste them, you’ll realise why this viral TikTok Food recipe is worth the time and effort of mandoline slicing eight large potatoes, stacking them in a loaf tin and brushing each layer with duck fat. The dish itself doesn’t actually take 15 hours to make – it includes a cook time of 3 hours, then left to refrigerate overnight for about 10 to 12 hours. The following day, the potatoes are cut into rectangles and deep-fried to crunchy, golden perfection. Think of it as a croissant but with potatoes instead of laminated pastry. 

Try this recipe for Sirloin Steak with 15-hour Potatoes

Anything Air-fried

air fryer recipes

If you think about it, air-fryers are just the adult version of Easy Bake Ovens (not that we’re complaining). Every foodie has their “I don’t feel like cooking” days, which is why we couldn’t be more obsessed with this kitchen appliance. Not to mention, you get to have your fix of oil-free, fried goods and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

You could air-fry almost anything, but the ultimate trend is arguably Buffalo Cauliflower Bites — try it out yourself.

Butter Boards

Forget about a stick, we want the whole board! If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of it’s butter, and by the pound. Inspired by the charcuterie board, this viral food trend is the latest to emerge on social media. Swathes of softened butter are smeared in a rustic fashion on a butter board, done using a miniature spatula. More retro variations of this trend exist, swapping out the butter for pâté or hummus. Make it aesthetically pleasing by adding garnishes like fresh herbs and pickled red onion, brined olives or capers for a touch of acidity before mopping it all up with ciabatta. 

Baked Feta Pasta

When the baked feta trend appeared, feta and tomato punnets quickly disappeared from grocery store shelves. This subtle and self-saucing five-ingredient dish is the perfect mid-week meal. Drizzle some olive oil over feta, garlic and cherry tomatoes; pop in the oven ’til baked and blistered. Stir in your al dente pasta (cooked separately) and top with basil, for a bowlful of pasta that feeds the soul.

Chilli Crisp

Meet the condiment of your dreams – chilli crisp. This food trend has taken the internet and foodies alike by storm. Similar to chilli oil, chilli crisp is made by frying off shallots and garlic in oil and combining it with toasted peanuts and sesame seeds, chilli flakes and gochugaru (Korean chilli powder). Some recipes include MSG, star anise, ginger; sugar and salt are also used to balance the flavours. Chilli crisp adds an insane amount of flavour and umami to your favourite dishes, and especially pairs well with eggs and noodles. 

 Try this recipe for Cheesy Pretzel Roll Sliders with chilli crisp mayo. 

 Corn Riblets

food trends

Many consider the shift to vegetarianism a culinary caveat, an argument which no longer holds up. Social media has changed the future of food, dare we say for the better…? Flexitarians now have unlimited plant-based options available at their fingertips. While tofu may not agree with everyone’s taste buds, corn does. I mean, who doesn’t love a good ‘ol cob? These crispy fried corn riblets are a moreish snack that everyone can enjoy.

Compound Butter

Popularised by London chef, Thomas Straker, otherwise known as the “All Things Butter” guy who made it his mission to create fifty episodes, each dedicated to an unconventional flavour of compound butter. We couldn’t be more grateful for this food trend, it’s a great way to infuse flavour into dishes. Also, what better way to impress family or friends than presenting quenelled compound butter atop a piece of steak, fish or pretty much anything? 

Try this recipe for Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak with Herb Compound Butter

Dalgona Iced Coffee

dalgona iced coffee starbucks

The Dalgona trend meant just about everyone on the timeline became Starbucks baristas overnight. It’s the drink that keeps on giving – basic, yet provides that main-character energy you sometimes need to get your day going. Simply place equal parts instant coffee and sugar in a cup, add enough hot water to make a paste. You can either use a frother or stand mixer to get that voluminous consistency and velvety texture. Add milk and stir it up!

If coffee isn’t quite your cup of tea, we have a couple of refreshing drinks you can whip up.

Overnight Breakfast Cheesecake


Whoever said, ‘success doesn’t happen overnight’ never tried Overnight Breakfast Cheesecake. This TikTok trend is irresistibly tasty and ticks all the right boxes. The trend started globally, originally using crushed up Weetabix (known as Nutrific in SA) mixed with milk to form a base; this is then topped with a mix of yoghurt and cream cheese, with additions such as protein powder to amp up the nutritional value. The ‘cheesecakes’ are then topped with additions such as fruit or the very popular choice of Biscoff spread.

We made our own version with a uniquely South African twist, inspired by the quintessential local dessert – Peppermint Crisp Tart. We used Nutrific as the tart base, topped it with a yoghurt-cream cheese mix, finished it off with drizzles of caramel treat and, of course, some crumbled mint choccie. It’s perfect treat to wake up to.

Head over to our TikTok or Instagram, for the full recipe.

Whole Roasted Garlic

Hands up if you’re a garlic girl. We don’t blame you, the makings of any good dish start off by adding offensive amounts of garlic, which is why we live for this food trend. Whole roasted garlic instantly injects flavour into dishes, whether making a garlicky dressing or using it to make the perfect garlic bread. Simply take a clove of garlic, chop the head off drizzle with olive oil and seasoning, and wrap it up in tin foil before roasting it in the oven. 

Tortilla Fold Hack

food trends

Have you ever been able to neatly roll all your favourite toppings into one tortilla and said, “that’s a wrap”? Neither have we, which is why this viral hack made our list. Prepare your go-to tortilla toppings in three neat folds, and you’ve got yourself a stacked quesadilla. Origami never tasted so good!

You could even try replacing your tortilla with an omelette, for a keto-friendly option.

Vodka Pasta Sauce

food trends

Model, Gigi Hadid, is all about trends and food is no exception. This trend may be last season, but its flavours are as punchy as her runway looks. It’s the boozy, chest-warming recipe we didn’t know we needed. Julia Child once said, “I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food I’m cooking”. Agree to disagree, but we’re convinced the legend herself would’ve approved this trend if she had an Insta account.

This recipe works great with penne or any pasta type of your choosing. Don’t drink? Ditch the vodka and you’ll still be lapping up the luscious, red sauce. We even tried this recipe ourselves, check out the video.

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