#FollowYourDayDreams with Pongrácz Cap Classique

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Collaborating with musician, actor, and entrepreneur, Nandi Madida, Pongrácz is celebrating Follow Your Daydreams – a tribute to taking time out to truly lose yourself in your most indulgent dreams.


The pop of a cork is the sound of instant joy, a world-renowned symbol for celebrating love, luxury and living a good life. Pongrácz’ range of Cap Classiques with their complex layers of subtle fruitiness and deep, rich, toasty brioche flavours mingle in a swirl of effervescent abundance that pair with a surprising number of dishes and occasions – from brunches to sunsets and those special, celebratory moments.

Celebrate with Pongrácz

High teas and bubbly are a decadent match. Treat your family and friends to a luxurious afternoon with tiers of cakes, scones, pastries, finger sandwiches, petit-fours, biscuits, or any sweet delight that you fancy. The range of Pongrácz Cap Classiques is incredibly versatile and can be paired with a variety of sweet and savoury nibbles, making them the ultimate food-pairing wine for an elegant afternoon.

Cap Classiques are different from sparkling wine in that with sparkling wine the base wine is inoculated with carbon dioxide. Making Cap Classiques requires considerable skill from the winemaker and is a highly technical style of winemaking. For this delicate wine, the base wine is fermented inside the bottle and for a period of anything between two and seven years, the fermentation process creates light and elegant bubbles inside the bottle.

The Pongrácz Brut and Rosé, both dry, and the Noble Nectar Demi-Sec and Nectar Rosé Light are crafted from the classic Champagne varietals, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, hand-picked from selected vineyards across the Cape Winelands during the cool of the early morning, before the sun rises, to capture the zesty acidity and concentrated flavours of the grapes.

The wine is left on the lees for two years for secondary fermentation in the bottle before the sediment is removed in the traditional process of ‘remuage’ and ‘dégorgement’. The bottles are then corked and laid down in a cool cellar for a further 2 to 4 months.

#FollowYourDayDreams and WIN


This festive season you can create your own custom-made daydream by entering the Follow Your Daydreams campaign competition. Scan the individual QR code found on Pongrácz in-store, and receive access to the AR platform with the opportunity to win an ultimate daydream experience.

For more information on how to enter the competition, read here

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