Serious about Steak at The Hussar Grill

Words: Julie Velosa

There is something to be said for consistency when it comes to restaurants; it seems like a simple enough expectation but many just don’t get it right. It is one of the areas that The Hussar Grill really excels in. That and really great steak, of course.

The Steakhouse Rules

The Hussar Grill group of restaurants has been serving memorable meaty meals since the first branch opened in 1964, in Rondebosch, Cape Town. One of its defining characteristics is its commitment to keeping things real. While contemporary eateries with concrete floors and crates for seating pop up all over the show, Hussar remains steadfastly a traditional grillroom. One of its most endearing qualities.

Hussar Grill

Visiting the Camps Bay branch is like being welcomed into the busy and cosy dining room of a really good friend. The lights are low, the signature green leather banquettes are comfy and every nook and cranny is filled with Bordeaux bottles, books and memorabilia.

The walls are hung with framed familial prints and white-aproned servers glide around the room delivering sizzling plates and making sure that wine glasses are always topped up.

Navigating the menu

The menu is a bit like a book; there’s info on different cuts, ageing, grilling guidelines and plenty of choices, including a variety of red meats, poultry and more. From straight up steaks (on the bone, off the bone) to classics such as Chateaubriand and Carpetbagger.

Hussar Grill

Our advice is to go with time to spare and to choose a bottle of great wine to keep you company while you peruse it. You can also nibble on the housemade crisps and olives that will be brought to your table while you make that all-important decision.

Let’s Get It Started

To start your meal there are many familiar appetiser favourites such as Crumbed Camembert, Prawn & Avo Cocktail and Calamari. I highly recommend the two that we tried though, the Black Mushrooms and the recently added, Chorizo.

The mushrooms were stacked with garlicky spinach and feta cheese, with a gratinated top. The chorizo is flambéd at the table (you may want to sit back for this one). The dish is then topped with a rich tomato sauce, garnished with fresh basil and served with crispy croûtes to mop up all that sauce.

Both starters were packed with hearty steakhouse flavour and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

The Main Event

For carnivores, the mains menu can be a minefield – so many great options and limited stomach space. Choose with the thought in mind that you will definitely return, so whatever you’re tossing up between, you can come back for another time.

Hussar Grill

We opted to share a 600g Black Angus sirloin. A thick-cut hunk of steak with beautifully rendered fat that was perfectly seared to medium rare.

Throw any notions you have in your head of what you think a sirloin should look like and rather appreciate what is brought to your table – these guys definitely know what they are doing.

With our steak we had the café de Paris butter, a complex blend of over 16 ingredients, the list of which reads like an umami bomb (think shallots, anchovies and capers to name just a few). The herbs, spices and condiments are whipped into butter that melts and coats your steak. It’s as good as it sounds, trust us.

Hussar Grill

Your steak will come with sides that you choose; we loved the crunch of sauteéd green beans and the richness of a gratinated sweet corn dish.


If you have space for dessert, we applaud you, it’s no mean feat. If you’re after a classic, try the Malva or Chocolate Fondant. If like us, you’re ready to roll out, then we highly recommend ending off with a Hussar tradition – the Chocolate Martini.

The only way to describe it is to say that it’s like drinking chocolate silk. Smooth, creamy and chocolatey, with just a whisper of vodka.

It’s a nightcap of note and while it’s probably not great for the hips, it’s very good for the soul.

Hussar Grill

Steak Your Claim

Hussar offers diners a dependable dining experience, delivering exactly what it says – perfectly cooked grills served with warmth and ambience.

There’s no likelihood of being intimidated by ingredients you don’t recognise and no expectation that you fawn the combo of wild foraged kale with handpicked num nums and fermented milk foam.

In a world of often fickle dining experiences, it’s refreshing to know you can rely on an enjoyable evening out every time. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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