Round-up of Savoury Tart, Pie and Quiche Recipes

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We round up our favourite dishes that all have one thing in common… pastry! These are our picks for best savoury pies, tarts and quiches.

Savoury Tarts

A good savoury tart is a brunch staple but really works at any time of day; especially versatile when feeding a crowd.

Asparagus, Pea And Goats Cheese Tart With A Green Herb Pastry And Herb Oil

This delicious tart is very easy to put together and is totally yummy. Get all your greens in one go!

Recipe for Asparagus, Pea and Goats Cheese Tart

Tarte Flambée With Spinach, Potato And Smoked Mozzarella

Ideal to share at family gatherings.

Recipe for Tarte Flambée

Bacon And Potato Tart

A beautiful combination of nutty parmesan, salty bacon and creamy potato. Delicious

Recipe for Bacon and Potato Tart

Shallot Tarte Tatin

This tarte recipe is full of sweet shallot flavour and is ideal for lunch or a light autumn supper.

Recipe for Shallot Tarte Tatin

Rosa Tomato and Caramelised Onion Tarte Tatin

A savoury tomato and onion tart that looks striking and is perfect for the brunch table – full of bellissimo Italian flavour!

Recipe for Rosa Tomato and Onion Tarte Tatin

Oven-Roasted Onion Tarte Tatin

This oven-roasted onion Tarte Tatin recipe is the perfect start to any celebration!

Recipe for Oven-Roasted Onion Tarte Tatin


Caprese Galette

This mozzarella cheese, tomato, and fresh basil pastry dish is great for a light snack or starter.

Recipe for Caprese Galette

Savoury Galettes Two Ways

A French classic! Crispy pastry with two different delectable toppings – these galettes are great for a light lunch or tea treat.

Recipe for Savoury Galettes

Caramelised Pear, Walnut & Blue Rock Open Tart

This open tart is full of classically paired flavours and is heavenly with a glass of Fairview wine.

Recipe for Caramelised Pear, Walnut & Blue Rock Open Tart

Prosciutto, Fig & Mozzarella Tart

This is a dish you can put together quickly for an unexpected lunch. Crispy, golden pastry with traditional Italian flavours – bellissimo!

Recipe for Prosciutto, Fig & Mozzarella Tart


Mediterranean Pissaladière

This crispy pastry dish is topped with fresh, Mediterranean-inspired flavours. It is the perfect light lunch to enjoy with a glass of vino and a group of friends.

Recipe for Mediterranean Pissaladière

Beetroot Tart

If you think beets are boring, think again! Beetroots come in all shapes, sizes and colours, making putting together a tart like this fun and tasty.

Recipe for Beetroot Tart

Quiche Recipes

Classic Quiche Lorraine

The most versatile quiche for brekkie, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Recipe for Classic Quiche Lorraine

Veggie And Ricotta Quiche With Parmesan Olive Oil Crust

A delicious savoury tart – perfect for making in advance and heating up when needed.

Recipe for Veggie and Ricotta Quiche

Bacon, Brie and Onion Marmalade Quiche

All of the finest ingredients in one quiche of happiness!

Recipe for Bacon, Brie and Onion Marmalade Quiche

Mini Bacon, Leek and Cherry Tomato Quiches

These mini Bacon, Leek and Cherry Tomato Quiches are perfect picnic fare.

Recipe for Mini Bacon, Leek and Cherry Tomato Quiches

Classic Savoury Pie Recipes

These pies are where it all began…

savoury pie recipes cornish pasties
savoury pie recipes pork pies

Classic Cornish Pasties

This humble pie was traditionally made for 17th and 18th Century miners. It was the perfect meal for a hungry miner – a tasty meat filling encased in thick pastry that could be held in one hand to eat and required no cutlery.

Recipe for Cornish Pasties

Classic Pork Pies

This pie filling is super easy, but be sure to buy good quality pork mince with a good fat ratio, if it’s too lean the pie will turn out dry.

Recipe for Classic Pork Pies

Veggie fillings are totally delish and very versatile. These combine veggies and cheese.

savoury pie recipes jerusalem artichoke
savoury pie recipes leek and goats chees hand pies

Jerusalem Artichoke Pithiver

A pithivier is a traditional French country-style pie that uses puff pastry and is named after the town where it is said to have originated. This version uses beautiful Jerusalem artichokes with fresh wild garlic and Parmesan cheese.

Recipe for Jerusalem Artichoke Pithiver

Cheese and Leek Hand Pies

Made with goats cheese, these pies have a bit of richness, so are perfect bite-size picnic or padkos snacks.

Recipe for Cheese and Leek Hand Pies

Chicken Pies

Chicken pies are classics for a reason. Homey, comforting and delish!

savoury pie recipes chicken pie
savoury pie recipes chicken pie

Shortcrust Chicken Pie

This pie uses roasted sweet potatoes as a base, which is a great idea, as you don’t run the risk of soggy, uncooked pastry at the bottom of your pie. And if you’re afraid of making your own pastry, just remember that shortcrust is the most forgiving so go wild with your patterns.

Recipe for Chicken Pie

Classic Chicken Pie

There’s a reason this chicken pie made it onto the Crush most searched recipes – it’s easy to make and the bacon and tarragon make it delicious!

Recipe for Chicken Pie

Porky Pies

Have you ever met a sausage roll you didn’t like?

savoury pie recipes
savoury pie recipes pork sausage rolls

Pork Sage and Apple Pie

All the delicious flavour combinations lovingly enclosed together by a pastry top.

Recipe for Pork, Sage and Apple Pie

Classic Pork Sausage

Sausage rolls are almost always a favourite and these are simply delicious!

Recipe for Classic Pork Sausage

pork shank pie

Pork Shank and Vegetable Pork Pie

This pie heroes a lesser-used pork cut – namely the shank. It’s the perfect dish for this cut as the slow braising of it cooks out the meat and gives a deliciously tender and gelatinous filling for a pie. Pop on a lid of ready-made pastry and you have yourself an easy and filling weeknight meal.

Recipe for Pork Shank and Vegetable Pie

Pulled Pork Pie with Za’atar

Pork shoulder is braised and pulled to make the filling for this pie, which is covered with a delicious scone-like pastry.

Recipe for Pork Pie with Za’atar

Lamb Pies

Slow-braised lamb makes for the most indulgent and rich pie filling. YUM.

savoury pie recipes baa baa balsamic pie
savoury pie recipes mince lamb pies

Baa Baa Balsamic Lamb Pie

Fall apart tender lamb, in a sticky, sweet and tarty onion balsamic sauce under a crisp buttery crust.

Recipe for Baa Baa Balsamic Lamb Pie

Mini Lamb Pies in Yoghurt Pastry

This yoghurt pastry is ridiculously crispy and easy to make.

Recipe for Mini Lamb Pies in Yoghurt Pastry

Extra Extra!

Oxtail Pie with Chive and Red Pepper Scone Topping

A winter fav; a belly full of this and you’ll be one happy customer.

Recipe for Oxtail Pie with Chive and Red Pepper Scone Topping

Classic Steak and Kidney Pudding

It’s an oldie but a goodie. This one is made the old fashioned way – a bit of extra work but so worth it.

Recipe for Classic Steak and Kidney Pudding

Love these savoury pies, tarts and quiches? Check out these sweet pies and pastries as well. Also, brush up on your pastry knowledge with this handy guide.

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