The Tastiest Padkos Ideas for your Holiday Roadtrip

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If you’ve got a trip planned these holidays there’s a good chance it means you’ll be driving there. Road journeys are great fun, but it does usually mean a long stretch of time with the all family members in a confined space. We’ve put together our favourite recipes to keep tummies full and to ensure there’s a smile on every face. So while you play eye-spy for the hundredth time, snack on something delicious with our padkos ideas… it’s bound to make the trip whizz by!


Tastiest Padkos Ideas

On The Road Horlicks Crunchies

An epic crunchie can save even the worst cup of garage coffee. Our version is hopped up with chocolate Horlicks for added awesomeness. The perfect early morning start to the road trip adventure.

Horlicks Crunchie Recipe

Herby Cheese Straws

Tuck into these golden brown straws of cheesy goodness.

Herby Cheese Straw Recipe

padkos ideas crunchies
padkos ideas cheese straws

Chipotle, Pineapple and Honey Kebabs

These killer mini kebabs are sweet, spicy and are make a perfect snack for a road trip or picnic.

Honey Kebab Recipe

Picnic Loaf

Nevermind making a regular sandwich, how about stuffing the loaf!

Picnic Loaf Recipe

padkos ideas kebabs
padkos ideas picnic loaf

Boerewors Scotch Eggs

Taking Scotch eggs to a new level by wrapping in boerewors. A great road trip or picnic snack.

Scotch Egg Recipe

Spinach Red Pepper and Cheese Muffins

Spinach and Cheese Muffin Recipe

padkos ideas Scotch eggs
padkos ideas muffins

Leek and Goats Cheese Hand Pies

Hand pies are just the right size for picnics and these classic flavour combinations give you bite-size enjoyment!

Leek and Goats Cheese Pie Recipe

Chicken Dippers

A delicious snack or platter idea for informal entertaining. Combine with a generous salad and you have a perfect lunch or dinner option.

Chicken Dippers Recipe

Padkos ideas Pies
padkos ideas chicken dippers

Polenta, Blueberry and Coconut Muffins

Deliciously moist and tender muffins with sweet blueberries. The polenta adds a lovely bit of texture and makes this a really substantial muffin that is great for snacking and lunchboxes.

Recipe for Polenta, Blueberry and Coconut Muffins

Spinach, Lamb and Feta Gozleme

Gözleme is a savoury traditional Turkish flatbread, made of hand-rolled dough that is lightly brushed with butter and eggs. You can fill with anything you like really and it’s so much tastier than a petrol station sandwich, trust us!

Recipe for Gozleme

padkos ideas muffins
padkos ideas gozleme

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