Why You Should Be Buying Pasteurised Eggs

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The Safe Eggs brand, part of Nulaid eggs, is the first and only company to produce a range of pasteurised eggs. Safe Eggs pasteurise their free-range and commercial eggs in shell and is revolutionising the South African food market. The technique, which has been developed over many years, is an advanced heat treatment process that eliminates the bacteria. This not only combats the risk of food poisoning but strengthens the egg shell itself as well.

pasteurised eggs

The facility where Safe Eggs are pasteurised is managed by dedicated employees focused only on the processing of pasteurised shell eggs, meaning that there is no risk of mixing Safe Eggs and unpasteurised eggs into final packaging.

The Process of Producing Pasteurised Eggs

The process to create pasteurised eggs in-shell is a delicate one; the bacteria is targeted but the egg’s interior is left undamaged. There are two major reasons for pasteurising eggs, the first and most obvious one is for health reasons – Safe Eggs have reduced levels of pathogens such as Salmonella enteritidis, Avian influenza and E.Coli, three exceptionally dangerous illnesses.

pasteurised eggs

For the home cook, you can now make mayonnaise, enjoy your egg easy over and let the kids lick the cake batter bowl clean, without the risk of salmonella. Aside from the minimised food poisoning risk, another advantage is that pasteurised eggs have a longer shelf life – staying fresher for longer, meaning less waste.

Pasteurised Eggs for Health

As all eggs have high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient in our diet, choosing Safe Eggs means you have all of the goodness of eggs but none of the risk of illness. Omega-3 is a long chain fatty acid that is an essential nutrient in our diet, it aids in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Safe Eggs are also traceable and produced by free-ranging and commercial hens, so conscious consumers can rest assured that they are purchasing eggs of the highest and healthiest quality. Safe Eggs are available at various retailers across the country and are available in the various pack sizes packs.

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Classic Eggs Benedict or Trout with Lemony Green Beans and Poached Egg

pasteurised eggs
pasteurised eggs


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