Making Mexican Party Food with OmniBlend

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Mexican Party food with OmniBlend is hot! Yes, think chillies, salsa, fish tacos, slow-cooked meat and spicy chicken, but it doesn’t end there. Chefs are bringing out their culinary creativity and moving beyond the traditional street food vibe. Restaurant menus boast loads of vegetarian and vegan options too so that you can come and bring all your friends.

Mexican Vibes!

Bring the summer vibes to your home and organise a dress-up Mexican party! It’s fun guaranteed, with vibrant colours, a great variety of food, and lots of flavours. A high-speed blender makes it easy to prepare the dips, sauces and salsas, as you’d need a strong blender to blend chillies, and to obviously crush ice for the cocktails that go with it!

Mexican Party Food with Omniblend

OmniBlend blenders are trusted high-performance blenders in South Africa’s hospitality industry, and now highly sought-after for home use too, because of the performance and durability. This is the blender that will last you a lifetime, thanks to the 3hp motor that’s protected from burning-out with the overload prevention mechanism. The 3-year warranty is standard, and as the company carries all spare parts, service is guaranteed in the long run.

Mexican Party Food with Omniblend

Making Mexican Party Food with OmniBlend

One essential at the table will have to be the salsa verde, which compliments a variety of dishes. It’s great with nachos on its own, or mix it in with some avocado or sour cream for a creamy dip.

Original Mexican recipes call for tomatillo, but since we can’t get by these easily in South Africa, we’re using green tomatoes and adding lime to get very close to the acidity that the tomatillo brings to this sauce. This restaurant-style sauce is completely plant-based and mild. You can keep seeds or add extra chillies for a hotter version.



200 g green tomatoes
2 medium hot chillies (or extra if you like it medium or hot)
1 baby onion (sweet & mild)
1 clove garlic
½ Tbsp (7,5 ml) lime juice
¼ C (60 ml) coriander (remove most of the stalks)
½ tsp (2,5 ml) cumin
pinch salt (to taste)


Destem the chillies and clean out the membranes and seeds, or keep some seeds if you prefer it on the hotter side. Bring 3 cups water with some salt to the boil, add the tomatoes and chillies, simmer for about 15 minutes (until tender), and drain when done. Leave to cool slightly before blending.

Skin the onion and garlic, and give it a rough chop. Add to the OmniBlend jug, along with the lime juice.

Add the chillies, tomatoes, coriander, cumin and salt to the jug too.

Place the lid on the jug, remove the cap to allow any heat to escape (if tomatoes are still hot), and hold the lid with a kitchen towel (covering the opening lightly). Now pulse the blender about 5 times, or until you’ve reached the desired texture. You can either blend for a smooth sauce or pulse for a salsa texture.

Cool down, and serve as a side with enchiladas, a build-your-own taco, or nachos.

Now it’s time to crush some ice in your OmniBlend, to make traditional margaritas with tequila, and served with lime and mint. Cocktails make great welcome drinks, and can easily be made non-alcoholic too.

Mocktails are one of the trends predicted for 2019, and low-proof options are full of flavour offering a choice on those days that you want to take it easy. Making Mexican party food with OmniBlend has made the task of creating Mexican food extremely easy. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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