#MakeEveryDayGourmet with the Magic of Mushrooms

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Deliciously tasty mushrooms are the magical ingredient you need to effortlessly and easily transform everyday meals into gourmet dishes. These umami-rich treasures are also packed with flavoursome nutritional goodness and, just for your convenience, are conveniently found on supermarket shelves every day of the year.

The Magic of Mushrooms

Eating well is a better way to manage illness than medication and will help to avoid illnesses later in life. A great place to start is to add mushrooms to your diet every day because there’s just so much more to mushrooms… their protective nutrients make them a true Superfood.

Ongoing research on the bioactive compounds and phytochemicals found in mushrooms continuously draws attention to the impact of mushrooms on immune function and on its effects in the prevention of chronic diseases


Perfect for Free from diets

If you’re eating free from, mushrooms are a great addition to your diet. For vegans, they give a hearty taste and are a non-animal source of B vitamins. They’re also exactly what you’d want to add to your meal if you’re avoiding gluten.

Try a meal with mushrooms for a healthier heart. Our fungal friends contain beta-glucans, which help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

Since we don’t naturally produce beta-glucans; the only way to get the compound is in our diet.

Low in calories and Fat-Free

Mushrooms are also a go-to ingredient if you’re battling the bulge. They’re low in calories, carbs and sodium and are fat-free. But because they are so meaty, they give you a sense of satiety making you feel full without filling you out.

So, simply throw a handful of mushrooms in today’s lunch or dinner and dish up gourmet style.

They’re not just delicious, umami-rich and packed with nutritional goodness; they’re also versatile, quick and easy to prepare.


Adding mushrooms to your cooking will awaken your inner gourmet chef and impress your family and guests without too much effort. Magic! See how we paired mushrooms with gin here.

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