Cooking and Pairing Mushrooms with Gin

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Gin is in and so are mushrooms! The versatile, flavoursome mushroom is hot and trending on the 2019 food charts. They’re the central ingredient in many of the most searched for and shared recipes and are the stars of the trendy savoury bowl, raw, grilled, roasted, pickled or marinated.


Mighty, Meaty Mushrooms

Mushrooms provide a meaty-like flavour for plant-based and plant-forward dishes and as these meals go mainstream, umami-rich mushrooms are huge winners. They’re the one non-meat ingredient that can still give diners that brothy, rich and meaty flavour they love, no matter how they choose to eat.

Gin is in and so are mushrooms. ‘Cause gin’s just dandy and mushrooms are marvellous!

Mushrooms and the Ginaissance

And these treasures from nature play beautifully with the best of South African craft gins to turn the “ginaissance” into the trendiest of gourmet dining experience.

The mushroom and gin sizzle happens because mushrooms not only intensify and balance the flavour of every dish they’re used in, they also heighten the flavour of drinks they’re paired with.

It’s no wonder that the flavours of our favourite South African craft gins come to life when combined with the endless possibilities of earthy, meaty, marvellous mushrooms!

Cooking and Pairing Mushrooms and Gin

Bacon, Feta & Spinach Stuffed Portobellos and Mirari Amber

The creamy smoky flavours of the stuffed portobellos are refreshingly complemented by the sweet honey and citrus notes of the Mirari Amber.

Recipe for Bacon, Feta & Spinach Stuffed Portobellos

Chorizo, Mushroom and Corn Bowls and Mirari Amber

The earthy tones of the mushrooms mingle seductively with spicy chorizo, sweet corn and hints of rich fynbos to cap off this perfect pairing.

Recipe for Chorizo, Mushroom and Corn Bowls

Mini Mushroom Tacos and Six Dogs

The bold flavours of Six Dogs gin are a perfect match for the robust meatiness of the mushrooms, the tangy notes of the pickled red onion and the hint of sweetness from the pineapple.

Recipe for Mini Mushroom Tacos

Mushroom Bravas and Inverroche

The spicy flavours of the dish are perfect foils to the herbaceous, dry flavours of an Inverroche G&T. The fresh, cooling notes of this gin refreshingly contrast with the full-bodied heartiness of the mushrooms bravas.

Recipe for Mushroom Bravas | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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