Madame Zingara the Theatre of Dreams

Words: Crush

Dreams have no constraints and there are none at Madame Zingara, The Theatre of Dreams. This is a place where grey-haired businessmen dressed in expensive suits embrace the flamboyant for an evening. It is truly a giant leap out of most peoples’ worlds and to be invited to see what goes on behind the scenes is like jumping onto a magical, flying train where there are no stops – just creative souls free to explore and express their magic.

The afternoon warm up is a combination of nervous energy, one dramatic diva, a couple of Russian strong men, some Asian jugglers and two South American Gauchos readying themselves for their Bolas act.




Jose Hernandez wrote in his 1872 epic poem, The Gaucho Martin Fierro…
“My joy is to live as free

as the bird in the sky;

I make no nest on this earth,”

These performers seem to live life just as free, travelling around the globe displaying their skills.

Every act goes through their pre-show warm up including the waitering staff as they set up their tables. Everyone is a performer in the Theatre of Dreams ­–­ whether you are in the kitchen, the admin office, the first aid table or one of the performers on stage, reflecting a million silver stars.

Backstage, old shipping containers have been converted into dressing rooms – painted an intoxicating turquoise blue and stacked precariously on top of one another. There is a surprisingly real atmosphere in the change rooms where there are no exotic mineral waters or swish rooms for the stars. All of the members of the Madame Zingara Company enjoy a staff meal together before the show. A family, in a sense, of like-minded performers – each one totally absorbed and focused on the perfection of their particular craft.

The only place you will find straight lines is in the kitchen at Madame Zingara. Here things are run with military precision because of the number of diners – dishes are plated at speed and delivered by a queue of speedy waiters, some with furry tails flying and others clad just in Robin Hood-style waistcoats.

The extraordinary is the norm in one of the last remaining Mirror Tents in the world; Victoria is a magnificent twenty five-meter velvet, big top that has toured the world for the last eighty years. The remaining thought from behind the curtains is to wonder at how many people, how much work and how much organization it takes to bring this fabulous theatrical and gastronomic experience together night after night.There is an overriding feeling of anticipation for the nightly performance – real magic exists in the Theatre of Dreams!

If you get a chance, go! This is a unique experience where everyone involved is living his or her dream. It is intoxicating and completely inspiring!















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