Ledlenser Lights Up Camping with the ML4 Warm Light Lantern

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Picture this: you’re with the family on a camping trip, the fire is blazing, the tent is erected and the outdoor kitchen is all set up. You’ve got your first beer or glass of wine in hand and you’re ready to start cooking… but your lantern isn’t turning on and you forgot the spare batteries. Part of the charm of camping is cooking by torchlight, but when that’s taken away, it can all go sour, very quickly! You’re left to fumble around in the dark, knocking over pots and tripping over tent pegs.

Light Up Your Campsite with the ML4 Warm Light Lantern

Ledlenser are committed to lighting up your camping experience and the ML4 Warm Light Lantern does just that. An extremely compact lantern, the ML4 emits soft white light that produces efficient, glare-free and targeted lighting that’s perfect for campsite cooking. The warm light sets the tone for a cosy evening around the campsite, while the latest micro prism technology guarantees no blinding flashes that could set you off stumbling into the night.

The ML4 comes with a carabiner snap hook that allows flexible usage and easy attachment options. The dual power usage guarantees you’ll never go dark, as you have the option of using the rechargeable battery pack or AA batteries if that runs flat.

Fireside Recipes for your Next Camp Cookout

To inspire you to get out into the great outdoors, we’ve developed these four recipes that were made to be both cooked and enjoyed at the campsite, lit by the warm tones of the ML4 Warm Light Lantern. We’ve got you covered from breakfast to dinner and have made sure you get well-acquainted with a good ol’ potjie pot. Be prepared to be camp master and chef once you’ve mastered these

Peanut Butter & Honey Rusks

Nothing says early morning around a campfire like a hot cuppa and a rusk or two. In fact, if you aren’t dunking your rusks around a campfire, you’re doing something wrong. These rusks are packed with peanut butter and real nuts for crunch and honey adds sweetness. Often that second cup of coffee in the morning is merely a vehicle for more dunkage, so whip up a batch of these before you leave and be the most popular person at camp.

Recipe for Peanut Butter & Honey Rusks

Cast Iron Dutch Baby Pancake

The Dutch Baby pancake, sometimes called a German pancake, is nothing like a regular pancake. This one is puffy, with high crispy edges and a soft, pillowy interior that allows you to pile your toppings high (think a sweet Yorkshire  pudding). Cooking it on cast iron will give you crispy, golden brown edges while also ensuring an even cook.

This makes for the perfect Sunday breakfast or brunch. Personalise your toppings according to the seasons, we’ve gone with fresh blueberries and cherries to celebrate summer.

Well-seasoned cast iron is also completely non-stick, so you won’t be leaving half your pancake in the pan.

Recipe for Cast Iron Dutch Baby Pancake

Crispy Potjie Potatoes with Herby Horseradish Cream

Ever craved a crispy, roasted potato while around the fire but weren’t sure how to do it without an oven? This recipe will get you there. Instead of roasting, we’ve boiled oil and water together in a potjie – the water cooks the potatoes and then evaporates and the remaining oil fries the taters to golden perfection. Science! Your best friend while cooking outdoors.

The herby horseradish cream gives just the right amount of kick to cut through the oil. This would also go well with a meat dish, like the Lamb Kebabs we’ve got below.

Recipe for Crispy Potjie Potatoes with Horseradish Cream

Rosemary Lamb Kebabs with Tzatsiki

We’ve turned to Greece for inspiration for this fireside meal and have used rosemary sticks as skewers for these lamb kebabs. Using the rosemary is an easy way to impart flavour into the lamb as it cooks, resulting in a deeply flavourful and rich kebab. Tzatziki adds cool freshness. A perfect evening meal served alongside the crispy potatoes and a fresh salad.

Recipe for Rosemary Lamb Kebabs with Tzatziki

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