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Nestled in the Agterkliphoogte Valley, just near Robertson, lies Windfall, a boutique wine farm producing a select range of handcrafted wines, as well as offering accommodation onsite at Windfall Cottages (weekend getaway, anyone?). With a range of wines on offer and a very special MCC (ideal for the upcoming season), available through their online shop, you can order what you need if you can’t get out to the farm itself.

Getting to know Windfall Wines

Named Spesbona (Good hope) the farm, originally owned by Phillip Lourens, was later sold to South African cricketer  Eddie Barlow. Eddie, seeing how the wind make the clouds fall over the mountains, renamed the farm Windfall. Years later the farm was sold to Robert Alexander, the current owner, who, together with viticulturist, Jaco De Wet has spent much time renovating and building replanting. This includes planting new grape varietals, alongside apricots, lemons, olives and butternut.Robert dreamed of having his own farm and in 2002 he made that a reality with the Windfall label.

Windfall’s wine range includes red and white wines, an MCC and a vintage Potstill brandy as well.

Windfall’s terroir is made up of  red Karoo soils and limestone, and the wines are made  with as little interference as possible. Robert’s goal is for his wines to reflect his philosophy – that wine starts in the vineyards. An expression of this terroir is what he hopes those who taste his wines will appreciate.

Windfall Mendola MCC

Get ahead of the festive season by ordering your bubbly online. Windfall Mendola Blanc de Blanc MCC has delicate citrus characteristics; with peach, guava and citrus blossoms being prevalent on the nose, following through onto the palate with beautiful nutty flavours.

The crisp and refreshing acidity makes it a perfect accompaniment to summery festive entertaining.

Order your celebratory bubbles (and wine) and have them delivered to your door – one less thing to worry about as the festive season kicks into gear.

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