Kloovenburg Olive Oil

Words: Crush

Kloovenburg’s olive-entrepreneur, the ever-stylish Annalene du Toit is the driving force behind the farm’s successful olive industry. Respected by her peers both locally and abroad, Annalene has steered over the past decade from what was originally a small ‘kitchen enterprise’ into what is now an impressive and integral part of the Kloovenburg success story.

Annalene says she never dreamed that a venture, which started in her farm kitchen in 1993 for pocket money, would now be a thriving business. With over 40 different product lines, Kloovenburg Olives’ extensive current offerings include traditional and flavoured bottled olives, unusual tapenades, sundried and smoked olives, oil infusions and Annalene’s personal favourite: cold extracted extra virgin olive oil. Fascinated by ancient Egyptian beauty products, Annalene also produces an extensive range of natural olive-based creams, oils, balms and soaps.

The Cellar Door price of the Kloovenburg Olive Oil is R44.00 per 250ml bottle.

Discover the positive attributes of extra virgin olive oil – fruitiness, pungency and bitterness in this superb vintage. A completely natural oil, handpicked, pressed and bottled on the Kloovenburg estate. High in natural anti-oxidants and cholesterol and sodium free.

For more info visit the website. 

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