Instantly Infatuated with Instant Pot

Words: Tam Selley

Often we save beautiful recipe inspiration for slow-cooked stews, curries, ragus and soups with the hopes of rolling up our sleeves and getting busy in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the reality is that these recipes often require hours to create, which let’s be honest, is a big ask in today’s busy world. The solution? A piece of kitchen equipment that is designed to make your life easier and your time better spent – introducing, Instant Pot.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot to the Rescue

Instant Pot is the revolutionary creation that has taken over the world in one fell swoop – it incorporates the functions of every necessary cooking appliance into one seamless seven-in-one cooker. Unlike other pressure cookers that have harmful chemical coatings inside that can peel off, Instant Pot has a stainless steel inner pot for extra peace of mind. The idea is to make your life easier by enabling you to create delicious dishes in a fraction of the time and with much less fuss and that’s something we can totally get onboard with.

Seven Functions of Instant Pot Plus Recipes You Can Try

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are the knights in shining armour of kitchen appliances. Being able to achieve tender meat or legumes in under an hour is honestly the bees knees for those who struggle to find time to cook on busy weeknights.

What makes Instant Pot different to everyday pressure cookers might you ask? It’s all in the smart technology.

For any sceptics worried about pressure cookers spontaneously combusting, fear not – Instant Pot has ten safety systems including a group of sensors that keep the cooker from overheating or exploding under pressure. These clever little sensors, combined with their advanced microprocessor technology, also continuously monitor the temperature, pressure and duration of the cook to achieve the best results. It’s so smart it even starts to adapt to the way you cook – oooh!

Pressure cooking retains the nutritional value and flavour of the food, delivering delicious slow-cooked results in a fraction of the time, while saving energy as well.

You can change your settings manually or use one of the many convenient presets available – you can even make cheesecake in this bad boy.

Try this: New York Style Cheesecake or Butterscotch Cheesecake with White Chocolate Topping with your pressure cook setting for a perfect, jiggly and crack-free cheesecake.

Slow Cooker

While Instant Pot is designed primarily for, well, instant cooking, it also has a slow cooker function that you can utilise if you want to slow cook your food with low, medium and high settings – because Instant Pot is considerate like that.

Try this: Slow Cooked Meat Ragu or Beef and Mushroom Stout Stew – they are both life-changing.

Rice Cooker

Anyone who is anyone will have had some degree of difficulty making rice at some point in their life. What seems like one of the easiest things in the world to cook can actually turn out to be helluva tricky. Fear not though, Instant Pot is guaranteed to deliver perfectly fluffy rice every single time. This is a fully automatic program that adjusts time according to the amount of rice you’re making. You can even choose if you want it al dente or soft!

Try these: Gorgeous Rogan Josh Lamb Shanks or this Vegetarian Cape Malay Curry paired with your equally gorgeous fluffy rice.


Steaming has never been easier. Not only can you steam your veg, but you can also use this function to steam anything from starch to eggs, meat and desserts.

Try this: Chocolate Steamed Pudding with Marbled Ganache or Steamed Honey, Almond & Fig Pudding for summin’ different.


No need to sear or sauté anything separately because Instant Pot offers this function too. This means less mess and no clean up stress because the high walls of Instant Pot mean less oil splatters as well. This function has three temperature levels, so you can sear, sizzle and simmer whatever your heart desires.

Try this: Slow Braised Oxtail with Orange, Fennel and Thyme or this Beef Trinchado and use the sauté function to sear your meat first.

Yoghurt maker

A yoghurt maker? Yes, a yoghurt maker! This clever function pasteurises milk to make fresh yoghurt at home. It doesn’t get more satisfying than telling your brekkie guests that their yoghurt was made from scratch with your bare hands.

Try this: Vanilla Bean Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Blueberry Compote with your delish yoghurt you whipped up in your Instant Pot, or try your hand at these Yoghurt & White Chocolate Truffles.


Perfect for keeping those dishes nice ‘n toasty without over-cooking. Gas stoves and general countertop stoves often can’t make up their minds on what a low heat is – the Instant Pot’s warmer function is the Goldilocks of settings and will keep the temperature of your food just right. This function is also perfect for keeping those aromatic curries warm on the stove to allow the flavours to infuse deeper.

Try this: Tomato, Sausage and Bean Stew or Lamb Vindaloo Curry and leave on the warmer setting to watch those spices develop.


Instant Pot has certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to convenience, functionality and efficiency. It’s really no surprise that it’s the world’s fastest growing kitchen appliance – it pretty much blows every other appliance outta the water.

Founder and CEO of Instant Pot, Robert Wang, states that in every official photograph of an Instant Pot, the unit’s timer is set to 5:20 — a series of numbers that, when spoken aloud, sounds like “I love you” in his native tongue, Mandarin.

He says that it’s a subliminal message to show how much they care about their customers, and if that doesn’t seal the Instant Pot deal, start again from the top.

Instant Pots are available in South Africa through Yuppiechef or @home for R1999.00. Check out the links below and join the fastest growing recipe sharing platform on Facebook with Instant Pot. | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Your recipe for cheesecake is for oven baking. Very delicious. But nothing about adapting the recipe for Instant Pot cooking?

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