The House of Machines

Words: Crush

In what was once an historic workhouse, tucked away in Shortmarket Street, you will find Cape Town’s newest gem – The House of Machines. Men all over Cape Town are excitedly stroking their perfectly groomed beards and moustaches at the mere thought.

‘Coffee, Bikes, Apparel, Bar’ – a slogan that is steaming with testosterone… but fear not ladies, this is not your ordinary biker bar. The interior is stylishly put together to look like a dive bar, albeit with a modern edge. Throw this together with excellent coffee, an amazing menu and the men’s apparel for sale (that will make both man and his girlfriend happy) and you have a winner.

“The House of Machines vision was to create an environment to honour both manand machine.” Three very smart men have come up with this one of a kind project. Vida é Caffeand Brewers & Union co-Founder Brad Armitage, fashion designer Paul van derSpuy and custom bike builder, Drew Madacsi, have put their passions together to create something that reflects their lifestyles and something that they themselves have been looking for. With the simple philosophy: “we’ve combined things we really dig and think others would like too”.




The Coffee

Their devilishly good coffee is the exclusive espresso brand, Evil Twin. The 100% organicArabica bean is grown in the rich fertile soils of Honduras, sourced from a singleestate, where the coffee is shade-grown, free from any of the pesticides. Did we mention how good it is?

The café also offers a range of super healthy, locally-sourced meals. Pop in for a cashew granola for breakfast. Lunch hour? Try their delicious avo on toast or our personal favourite – the roasted aubergine on rye, both for R45.

The Bikes

La Macchina Speed Shop is the core of the space. A glass-enclosed bike workshop which offers custom-made racers, street trackers and bobbers. “A US based, custom motorbike shop that will build everything and anything”.




The Apparel

The trendy men’s apparel and accessories label,THoM Workwear, is an interpretation of‘modern-traditional’ which alsostocks wallets, jewellery, gifts and shaving goods. Sourcing the finest essentials they could get their hands on, it’s simply a man’s heaven.

The Bar

On Thursday and Friday nights, The House of Machines, transforms into the Prohibition Bar where you can truly let off some steam.Offering a hand-selected range of small batch spirits and craft beers, sourcedfrom the US, there is no better way to end off your week.

“A setting where man, woman and machine could live and co-exist.”The House of Machines is a best-kept secret that’s worth sharing. This multifaceted shop is bringing something new to the table and we’re certainly not complaining.




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