Discover the Perfect Frypan with Tefal XL Intense Cookware

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The Tefal XL Intense cookware collection was made to meet all your daily cooking needs. Its quality performance and deeper shape allow you to cook family-sized portions and your favourite meals with ease. 

Tefal XL Intense pan

Whether it’s weeknight spaghetti Bolognese, a hearty stew for special occasions or curries and stir-fries, this top-notch pan is the ultimate cooking companion.

Frypans That Everyone Will Love

Tefal has been carefully crafting products for over 60 years. Since its inception, they have been guided by a constant desire to innovate and create perfectly safe, world class products, while respecting the environment.

Tefal pans

The Tefal XL Intense makes cooking an absolute delight!

The Tefal XL Intense is environmentally friendly due to reduced energy consumption and water-saving cleaning. They are guaranteed PFOA, cadmium and lead-free and manufactured with Tefal’s French expertise.

Robust & Resistant

The Tefal XL Intense cookware collection is exceptionally durable thanks to the robust and resistant design. It also has a generous XL format, made to satisfy even the hungriest of families.

Tefal XL Intense pan

  • LONG-LASTING NON-STICK COATING: delivers non-stick performance up to 2 times longer than Tefal standard coating.
  • TESTED SAFE NON-STICK COATING: safe non-stick, no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium. Stricter controls are required by current food contact regulations for each new range. No lead, no cadmium (no Pb no Cd) means no intentional addition of Pb and Cd in the coatings. No migration above detection threshold.
  • HEAT INDICATOR: THERMO-SIGNAL™: changes colour when it’s time to start cooking, perfect for searing.
  • EXTRA LARGE FRYPAN: cook large portion meals.
  • DIFFUSION + BASE: for homogeneous cooking.
  • STURDY LONG-LASTING HANDLE: for total stability and comfort.
  • MADE IN FRANCE: designed and made in France.
  • HOBS COMPATIBILITY: gas, electric, ceramic.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: recyclable product.
  • WORLDCLASS QUALITY: World #1 in cookware; Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Home and Garden 2019 edition, brand retail value RSP, 2018 data.

Discover the Perfect Pan

Thanks to the Tefal XL Intense cookware collection, preparing delicious and healthy meals is made effortless. The advanced thermal signal technology takes the guesswork out of cooking, as the diffusion pan base allows for even frying results.

Create delicious everyday meals with this easy-to-use non-stick pan. Whether you’re grilling chicken for a wholesome salad, toasting irresistible quesadillas or any pan dish — the Tefal XL Intense makes cooking an absolute delight!

*For more cooking inspiration, try these tasty Tefal recipes or visit their website below. | Facebook | Instagram

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