Deliciously Dark and Sophisticated Halloween Party Food

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Halloween is not just for kiddies. We round up a selection of recipes that make for seriously sophisticated adult Halloween party food. You’ll probably have your work cut out for you with these dishes, but the result will be well worth it.sophisticated halloween party food

Sophisticated Halloween Party Food

Your guests will love these spooky and sophisticated Halloween party food ideas.

sophisticated halloween party food Recipe Squid Ink Gnocchi
sophisticated halloween party food Recipe Mushroom Truffles with roasted garlic aioli

Squid Ink Gnocchi with a Slow Cooked Egg Yolk and Parmesan

A deceptively simple dish that will take a bit of care to produce, but makes for a beautiful main. The egg yolk coats the gnocchi as a silky sauce, sage butter adds richness and the Parmesan brings a nutty depth of flavour.

Recipe for Squid Ink Gnocchi

Mushroom Truffles with Roasted Garlic Aioli

These heavenly (or perhaps devilishly) bite-sized truffles are packed with earthy mushroom flavour. Roasting the garlic takes away the pungency and adds a wonderful toasted flavour. One of our favourites for sophisticated Halloween party food.

Recipe for Mushroom Truffles

sophisticated halloween party food Recipe Salmon Mi Cut
sophisticated halloween party food Octopus with Squid in beurre noir

Salmon Mi-cuit with Beluga Lentils

Roughly translated from French, mi-cuit means ‘half cooked’. This method of brining and slow cooking gives the salmon a succulent, tender texture.

Recipe for Salmon Mi-cuit

Octopus with a Squid Ink Beurre Noir

A twist on a traditional beurre blanc; squid ink makes the sauce deliciously dark. There’s something delightfully sinister about a severed octopus tentacle as Halloween food!

Did you know? An old wives tale suggests that cooking octopus with a cork helps tenderise it. Urban myth suggests that the cork from the wine bottle fell into the pot when cooking and that started the tradition. Since tough octopus is not appealing, it may well be worth a try whatever the legend! Read more fun food superstitions.

Recipe for Octopus With Squid Ink Beurre Noir

sophisticated halloween party food Recipe Spicy Salmon Squares with Shaved Radish
sophisticated halloween party food Pork Belly Skewers With Baby Roasted Apples

Spicy Salmon Squares

Ready in under 30 minutes, serve either hot or cold, these bites are an entertainer’s delight!

Recipe for Spicy Salmon Squares

Pork Belly Skewers

Give your guest a mouthful of roast pork perfection with apple, a winning combo!

Recipe for Pork Belly Skewers

sophisticated halloween party food Recipe Balsamic Toffee Beets with Spicy Pumpkin Seed Praline
sophisticated halloween party food Vanilla Glazed Mini Cronuts

Balsamic Toffee Beets

An adult take on the iconic toffee apple, paired with pumpkin seed brittle.

Recipe for Balsamic Toffee Beets

Vanilla Glazed Mini Cronuts

Your dinner party will need to end on a sweet note… these are a little cumbersome to make, but can be done well in advance. Plus, they are radically tasty!

Recipe for Vanilla Glazed Mini Cronuts

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