Delicious Avocado Oil Recipes You Should be Making

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The demand for avocado oil has grown substantially over the past few years and with good reason! Avocado oil is healthy, versatile and a perfect substitute for any other cooking oil as we show you in these avocado oil recipes.

Avocado oil is suitable to use for a range of cooking methods and other uses, from frying, roasting and braaing to drizzling, dipping and even baking.

Avocado Oil Recipes Westfalia’s range of Avocado Oils is your key to unlocking the goodness. Their Plain Avocado Oil has a wonderful neutral flavour, without the taste of a fresh avo as many may think. The range also includes delicious flavoured oils that add complexity and flavour to any dish including butter, lemon and garlic.

Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil contains monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid (oleic acid ) which is known to have several positive effects to overall health such as lowering blood pressure, protecting cells from free radicals and improving brain function.

It is also a source of omega-3 fatty acids and it contains healthy, plant-based unsaturated oil components that provide an efficient source of energy.


It is also naturally cholesterol-free and has earned the South African Heart Foundation’s mark of approval. The Heart Mark is a guideline and incentive for shoppers to identify healthy products on the shelf. These products are naturally lower in cholesterol, lower in saturated fat, lower in sodium, higher in fibre (where applicable) and lower in added sugar. The Heart Mark confirms two things: stringent nutritional standards; and independent testing by a reputable laboratory. Westfalia Avocado Oils are also certified Kosher (Parev) and Halaal.

Avocado Oil Recipes to Inspire

Avocado Oil Recipes - vegetarian ceviche

Vegetarian Ceviche on Crispy Tostada

Featuring: Westfalia Plain Avocado Oil

Ceviche is a popular dish that is usually made by curing fish using citrus juice. In this vegetarian version, we skip the fish and instead pickle some of our favourite veggies in a zingy dressing of herbs, citrus and avocado oil. For crunch, we’ve fried tortillas in Westfalia Plain Avocado Oil and the result is just smashing!

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Avocado Oil Recipes - golden turmeric mik

Golden Milk Healthy Fat Shake with Turmeric

Featuring: Westfalia Butter-Flavoured Avocado Oil

Turmeric is having its moment in the sunshine and rightly so because it’s packed full of healthy benefits. In this drink, turmeric is combined with Westfalia Butter-Flavoured Avocado Oil for even more of a healthy kick and creamy flavour. This is a great way to take in antioxidants and heart healthy fatty acids, it will also keep you feeling full for longer. Skip your morning coffee in favour of this healthy fat shake.

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Avocado Oil Recipes - ricotta gnudi

Ricotta Gnudi in a Garlic and Herb Sauce with Edamame, Pine Nuts & Gruyere

Featuring: Westfalia Garlic-Flavoured Avocado Oil

If you haven’t heard of gnudi before, don’t worry, it is the lesser known, but equally delicious cousin of gnocchi. Instead of being made with potato, gnudi are made with ricotta cheese. We love this recipe that combines loads of healthy ingredients including Westfalia Garlic-Flavoured Avocado Oil for punchy flavour in the sauce.

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Avocado Oil Recipes - lemon madekeines

Lemon Madeleines with White Chocolate Crème Frâiche and Crushed Pistachios

Featuring: Westfalia Lemon-Flavoured Avocado Oil

If you haven’t had a Madeleine, you’re missing out. They are a French favourite and are so dainty that you can definitely have more than one. These are made with Westfalia Lemon-Flavoured Avocado Oil for a hint of citrus and are balanced with creamy white chocolate crème frâiche.

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