Featured Brew: Dancing with Darling’s Blood Serpent

Words: Karl Tessendorf

Darling Brew is roughly a year or so into their new brewery and they’re are on fire. You would think they’d ease into the whole thing and tinker here or there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Darling Brew is roaring like a V8 muscle car and their fearless driver is German brewmaster, Felix. He’s pushed Darling to the limit this year with interesting brews and ideas. His latest offering is Blood Serpent – a dry hopped lager.

Inspired by the ferocious snake-hunting secretary bird, Blood Serpent is South Africa’s first carbon neutral beer. What this means is that all the CO2 emissions from the production and distribution of the beer, are offset by Darling’s contributions to the Kariba Redd+ Project in Zimbabwe. Pretty cool hey? It not only makes you feel good with it’s 5% ABV, it also does good in the process.
The lager is unfiltered and it has a light amber colour. It swoops in with floral and honey aromas with a spicy, hoppy background. The dry hop used in this brew is Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and no prizes for guessing it comes from Germany. It’s one of the noble hops, which means it’s one of the traditional European varieties. On the palate the beer hits with a cut grass hoppiness and a hint of floral fruitiness. Shortly after the malt backbone kicks in to round things out. On the finish you’re left with a pleasant and spicy 32 IBUs and a thirst for the next sip.

Fun Fact…

Just how badass is the secretary bird? It’s been known to hunt and kill small gazelles.

Blood Serpent is Darling’s third lager and I’ve got to say it’s by far the most exciting. It’s interesting, delicious and just look at that awesome label. Top marks Darling, we can’t wait to see what you brew next.

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