Crush Advent Calendar Day 12 Win With Miele

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Induction cooking is not only energy efficient, super quick and safe, but now, it makes achieving perfect end results really easy too. With Miele’s innovative TempControl technology, available on selected Miele induction hobs, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature during the entire cooking process.

Imagine if there was no more risk of burnt food, and no need to constantly adjust the power setting on your hob for the best cooking results.

Well, now this is possible with Miele’s new induction hobs bearing the TempControl logo, which boasts state-of-the-art technology that allows the user to maintain the correct temperature at all times by sensors embedded in the ceramic screen.

The problem of fluctuating temperatures is familiar to all cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. It is often forgotten that the temperature in a pan continues to rise during cooking, even at constant heat output. If the heat isn’t turned down in time, food can burn. However, things are different with Miele’s TempControl – sensors detect the characteristics of the material being cooked and the temperature of the pan. Power is then regulated automatically to ensure that the food being prepared is subjected to a uniform and constant temperature.

All the user has to do is to select one of three temperature levels. Level 1 keeps the temperature at 160 °C and is ideal for frying eggs, fish and most deep-frozen products. Steak is best fried at Level 2 at a temperature of 200 °C. Wok cooking and even baking pancakes, on the other hand, requires the Level 3 setting at 220 °C. Once the relevant temperature for a selected level is reached, a signal sounds to ensure cooking perfection! | Facebook  | Design Channel


_ _ _ _ _ is best fried at Level 2 at a temperature of 200 °C.

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