Celebrating the Start of Avo Season with ZZ2 Avocados

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Avos are probably our favourite fruit (shhh… don’t tell the others) and we relish when they are available in abundance and we can enjoy ‘green gold’ to the max. To kick off the beginning of avo season, we experimented cooking and baking with ZZ2 Afrikado Hass avos. The Hass avo’s creamy flesh is encased in a pebbled skin that turns a dark purple colour when ripe. Its flavour and texture is really unmatched — smooth, rich and the ultimate way to add a satiating quality to every meal.

Say Hello To Avo Season with ZZ2 Avocados

We love that avos are naturally full of healthy fats; they also pack a punch of fibre, vitamins C, E and K, plus minerals like folate, magnesium and potassium. They are incredibly versatile and work in both sweet and savoury dishes, which is why we have a soft spot for them.

Time to zip down to the grocery store, fill your trolley with ZZ2 avocados and get your ‘Hass’ to the kitchen — because it’s avo season, baby!

Avocado & Cream Cheese Chilli Poppers

Avocado_chilli_popperszz2 avocadosA chilli popper is the ultimate game day snack food and with sports events back on the menu, we decided a revamped chilli popper was in order. Using pickled jalapeños gives these poppers an amazing vinegary bite versus a straight smack of heat. Combine that with a double-coated panko crumb and a chunky, yet creamy avo filling and you have yourself the trifecta of flavour and texture. We can’t think of a tastier way to kick off avo season with ZZ2, than with these spicy bites!

To cool things down we’ve added a creamy avo dip because we just can’t seem to get enough.

Pick a pickled pepper for your next go-to snack.

Get the recipe for these Avo & Cream Cheese Chilli Poppers

4 Ingredient Avocado & Lime No Churn Ice Cream

no churn ice creamzz2 avocadosWhen you think ice cream, avos are not the first thing that comes to mind, but we’re here to tell you that they should be. Avos make for an incredibly smooth and rich ice cream that’s vegan friendly and honestly, just downright delicious! This 4-ingredient recipe doesn’t require a churner and we guarantee that even the fussiest eaters (we’re looking at you little ones) will love it.

Keep it simple and serve in a bowl, or fancy it up with a cone dipped in white choc and rolled in crushed pistachios (boujee, we know).

The hit of lime in this avo ice cream is so refreshing it screams summer fun shared with friends.

Get the recipe for this Avo & Lime No Churn Ice Cream

Choc Avocado Banana Bread

choc Avo_banana_breadzz2 avocados Banana Bread was already close to perfection in our eyes, but we believe there’s always room for improvement. We took a regular banana bread loaf and gave it a delicious makeover. We’ve added blitzed avocado to ‘up’ the moistness, which naturally increased the nutritional value. To crank it up a notch further, we made half of the batter chocolate and marbled the loaf — not only pretty to look at but even more delicious, which we didn’t think was possible!

Take a slice and give it a lashing of peanut butter or use your favourite nut butter.  And a drizzle of honey never hurt nobody…

Teatime just got a whole lot tastier!

Get the recipe for this Choc Avo Banana Loaf

Avocado Pastry Tartlets with Creamy Avo Filling

zz2 avocadosWho knew you could make pastry with avocado as a fat source? Jamie Olivier, that’s who! We borrowed this technique from the legendary Naked Chef and tried it out for ourselves. We gave butter the boot and instead made this pastry with in-season, locally grown ZZ avocados.

Baked to golden perfection, the tart shells are then filled with a creamy combo of avocado and crème fraîche. To add a little texture and sweetness we’ve topped it with some blanched peas and cubes of avo, but you could really go wild – think crispy bacon bits, chopped chorizo or even a crumbling of feta cheese.

These tartlets are brunch personified!

Get the Recipe for these Avocado Pastry Tartlets

Ramp up the flavour meter this avo season with ZZ2. Looking for more inspiration, see previous avo recipes created with ZZ2’s Afrikado range. Love them as much as we do? Learn more about the anatomy of an avo here.

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