Showcasing the Versatility of ZZ2 Avocados – 4 Delicious Recipes To Try

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ZZ2 avocadosThe avocado is an exceptionally versatile fruit and is a delicious addition to many meals. It works in both sweet and savoury dishes and adds healthy fats, creamy flavour and plenty of fibre, vitamins and minerals. From breakfast to brunch, lunch to dinner, it really is the most useful ingredient to have in your kitchen.

Breakfast with ZZ2 Avocados

Start your day the right way with a stack of flapjacks, yes, these are made with avos!

Avocado Flapjack Stack

Avocado Flapjacks Using avocado as a replacement fat source in a recipe is a great way to add extra nutrients. Most flapjack recipes call for butter but if you don’t have butter or want a plant-based option, the creamy flesh of an avocado is ideal.

These breakfast flapjacks are light and fluffy and the avocado not only adds a pretty green hue but a delicious enriched flavour.

We’ve topped with a dollop of crème fraîche, blueberries and pitted cherries. Flapjacks need something syrupy and sweet, so we’ve drizzled with honey and finished with a little toasted coconut.

What a way to start the day!

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Brunch with ZZ2 Avocados

We’ve levelled up avo on toast to a new high. Brunch has never looked better.

The Ultimate Whipped Avocado & Cream Cheese Toast 

Whipped avocado and cream cheese toastYou may be thinking, why would you add cream cheese to avos? Well, the answer is, quite simply, why not? Both are creamy and delicious and together they are a real flavour bomb.

Whipping them together gives a lovely light texture and makes both ingredients stretch a little further.

Because we like things to be pretty as well as tasty, we’ve topped our toast with micro onion sprouts (great flavour and texture) and crunchy toasted sunflower seeds. Little cubes of avo add texture and colour.

Say hello to avo toast 2.0!

Get the recipe for The Ultimate Whipped Avocado & Cream Cheese Toast

Lunch with ZZ2 Avocados

A BLT has always been a hit sarmie but the addition of avo, plus serving it on homemade focaccia, well that’s just better.

Homemade Focaccia BLT with Avocado 

Homemade BLT with avocadoEveryone loves a sarmie for lunch – the filling is uber important but the bread equally so. Move over sourdough, homemade focaccia is here. You’ll need to make this dough the night before but it’s really easy and doesn’t require the folding and precision of its counterparts. All you need to do is mix, prove and bake. The result is a light, porous sheet bread that is full of flavour and bitey chew.

No storebought bread is going to come close, we promise.

You’ll want the very best for the filling too, perfectly ripe avocados, juicy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and crispy bacon – that’s sandwich Shangri-la!

Avocados turn a basic BLT into a bombshell!

Get the recipe for this Homemade Focaccia BLT with Avocado 

Dinner with ZZ2 Avocados

Finish your day with this super simple lemon and avocado pasta.

Avocado Linguine with Parmesan Pangrattato

linguine with zz2 avocadosThe creaminess of avocado makes it ideal for a healthy pasta sauce. Good fats, flavour and plant-based – we love. This linguine is tossed in a super simple blitzed avocado and lemon sauce that coats the pasta perfectly – no hours of cooking here!

To add a little crunch we’ve created a quick pan-toasted pangrattato that infuses a little chilli, Parmesan and herbs.

The sauce is delicious just as it is but you could also add cubes of feta, a sprinkling of crispy bacon or baby tomatoes – it’s that versatile.

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