Make it a Beautiful Brunch with Avolands Avocados

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avolandsThere’s something about brunch that feels so celebratory; even just on a regular weekend, making something delicious to tuck into after a nice lie-in or early morning exercise is a great way to start the day. Given that we’re living through an unprecedented time, surely just being alive and well is worth celebrating! We used Avolands avocados to create these two recipes that showcase how versatile they can be.

A Beautiful Brunch with Avolands

Brunch can be sweet or savoury and with the addition of avocados, you can create something super satisfying going either route.

Chia & Chocolate Avocado Breakfast Cups

If you’re in the mood for a breakfast spoil, these dark chocolate chia pots are the thing to make. They’re dairy-free, sweetened with honey and the whipped chocolate avocado is like eating pudding for breakfast (and who doesn’t want that?).

chocolate avocado chia pots

This is a great option for a plant-based breakfast that is packed with healthy fats; you can even make it for your vegan friends by using a sweetener like monk fruit sugar or maple syrup instead of honey.

We’ve created a blueberry and dark chocolate pot but the great thing about this recipe is that it’s super versatile. Don’t have blueberries? You can sub in your favourite berry or even slices of banana.

Unsurprisingly, there are very few things that don’t work with chocolate!

The chocolate avocado whip is rich and creamy and the monounsaturated fats keep you feeling full for longer. Besides leaving you feeling sated, avocados also contain fibre and a host of vitamins and minerals, making this a great way to start the day. Chia seeds are known to be little powerhouses too, so all in all, these pots are winners. Even kids will enjoy this delicious breakfast that not only tastes great but delivers plenty of health benefits too.

Recipe for Chia & Chocolate Avocado Breakfast Cups

Light & Bright

If you’re still after something decadent but want a savoury option, this eggs Benedict dish is just the ticket.

Smashed Avocado Eggs Benedict

As with all great dishes, the history of eggs Benedict differs, with a few people laying claim to its origin. As a concept, it’s already pretty delicious but adding in the creaminess and flavour of smashed avo brings a little touch of Gen Y to the table, modernising this classic.

Hollandaise sauce has a bad rap for being difficult to make but we’re here to tell you that it’s actually not as complicated as it seems. Like all good things, it can’t be rushed, so rather set some time aside so that you can make it without feeling pressurised (the simple reason a lot of sauces split). A little care and attention are all that it requires.

We’ve generously topped a toasted English muffin with dollops of seasoned smashed Avolands avo. Add rashers of crispy bacon, a perfectly poached egg and a rich Hollandaise sauce – this is a dish you are going to want to dive into. Best enjoyed with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Recipe for Smashed Avocado Eggs Benedict

Now you have two options to put on a beautiful brunch with Avolands avocados, time to get into the kitchen. Want to learn more about this amazing fruit and how to select a perfectly ripe one? Read all about avocados here. | Facebook | Instagram


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