Celebrate the Season with Pork as the Centrepiece of your Festive Spread

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The festive season is upon us and we’re excited. Although celebrations are going to look a little different this year for a lot of us, one thing remains the same, a crowning roast will take centre stage of the table. We are head over heels for the two roasts we have created using South African pork – a delectable loin rack roast with oodles of crunchy crackling, as well as a gammon that we’ve crusted with a nut dukkah – both mouthwateringly delicious.

When entertaining this season, make SA Pork your go-to with our two tasty party food ideas – pork neck steak sliders, you won’t find a juicer cut, we promise you. Plus a good ol’ South African favourite – frikadelles. We’re serving them with two tasty dipping sauces, ideal snacks and party food. Celebrate the season with pork and make entertaining a breeze.

Celebrate the Festive Season with Pork

Roast Rack of Pork with Roast Potatoes

celebrate the season with pork loin rack roast

How delectable does this rack of pork look? Golden, crunchy crackling encasing juicy, perfectly cooked pork.

Let this beauty be the pièce de résistance of your festive feast.

Each guest gets a generous loin chop of their own, complete with crackling – that’s tough to beat. To go with the meat we’ve roasted whole nectarines and plums as is. They cook down beautifully and add just the right note of sweetness to the dish. This is a celebratory pork roast that is not only a spectacular talking point but a real treat for your family or guests.

Get the recipe for this Roast Rack of Pork with Roast Potatoes

Festive Dukkah Crusted Gammon

What would the festive season be without gammon? Honestly, we’re not sure. It’s one of our favourite things about the season and we always make extra so that there’s enough for leftovers the next day (gammon sarmies for everyone!).

We love this new take, which is glazed with honey mustard and then crusted with a deliciously aromatic nut dukkah, full of the flavours of the season in cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg.

The dukkah is so tasty, we recommend popping a bowl of it on the table so that everyone can dust their slices with a little extra. Pure Christmas joy on a plate!

Get the recipe for this Festive Dukkah Crusted Gammon

Pork Neck Steak Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings and Herby Apple Salsa

pork neck sliders

If you haven’t yet discovered pork neck steak, you are truly missing out. This cut is juicy and tender when cooked right and is packed with flavour.

We love these neck steaks in this recipe, hugged by a toasted mini seeded bun and topped with a herby apple salsa.

If you’re cooking for a crowd, these are ideal as 1 steak should make 2 sliders. Prep the salsa ahead and then assemble and serve straight away with piles of crunchy onion rings – this is party food at its best.

Get the recipe for these Pork Neck Steak Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings & Herby Apple Salsa

Frikadelles with Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauces

celebrate the season with pork frikadellesCelebrate the Season with Pork recipes

The humble meatball, or frikadelle as they are known in South Africa, is a much loved classic. Upon investigating we found that the word frikadelle is actually of German origin, but we have adopted the name and way of preparing them here in SA.

If you’re hosting a party or festive get together these holidays, these pork mince frikadelles are a must.

They are juicy and delicious and served with sauces for dipping they are great little canapés. Chutney is another SA favourite and ideal with meatballs, to give a creamy flavour we’ve combined with mayo to make a yummy dipping sauce. If spicy is more your thing, try our tomato sauce based on yet another classic – a delicious smoor.  Serve these at your next gathering and watch them get devoured.

Get this recipe for Frikadelles with Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauces

However you choose to spend your holidays, make sure you celebrate the season with pork – take a look at these other tasty pork recipes as well as more festive inspiration.

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Celebrate the Season with Pork

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