An Idyllic Island Lunch at Bambou Restaurant at The Four Seasons, Mauritius

Words: Julie Velosa

The Four Seasons is a name synonymous with style and elegance and you’ll find both of these in abundance at the Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita resort.  When you visit an island you want to be sipping cocktails, eating local food and taking in the sandy white beaches and cerulean seas; at Bambou Restaurant at the Four Seasons Mauritius, this is exactly what you’ll be doing. Set on the east side of the island, in Beau Champ, it is in a perfect location and makes the most of the stunning island vistas.

The Four Seasons Mauritius

Four Season Mauritius

Bambou Restaurant is located on an island (within the island) that the resort is built on, so you park your car and a team member will deliver you to the restaurant via golf cart.

Perched between a stunning infinity pool lined with palm trees and opening out onto a small private section of beach and lagoon, the restaurant is both laid back and stylish at the same time.

Weather permitting you can select a table that’s right on the beach where you can kick off your flip flops and wiggle your toes in the sand.

Bambou Restaurant is open to guests staying at the resort, as well as outside visitors, so if you’re looking for a change of scenery from where you are staying, book in for lunch or dinner.

Lunch at Bambou Restaurant

The menu has easy-eating lunch items that will be ideal for families such as sandwiches and pizza, as well as more elevated dishes such as local fish cooked in banana leaves, tiger prawns and sushi.

We were after a truly authentic Mauritian dining experience that showcased local cuisine and the restaurant kindly obliged, showcasing the exotic flavours of the island through a variety of dishes.

Pool at The Four Seasons Mauritius
Bambou Restaurant at The Four Seasons Mauritius

Get to know Mauritian Cuisine

As with many global cuisines, Mauritian food culture has been influenced by its history. An influx of Indian and Chinese workers in the 19th century meant exposure to Asian flavours. Combined with this are European influences, specifically French, and of course, its own local island ingredients and flair, giving Mauritius a unique cuisine all of its own.

Curries of both northern and southern Indian influence are hallmarks, as well as plenty of fresh seafood, French classics and the use of local ingredients and traditions. We found elements of all of these aspects in our meal.

Starting in Style

To start we enjoyed a divine selection of three fresh and completely different salads. Firstly, a dish of fried fish cubes with salad greens and a punchy vinaigrette, next tender octopus salad with watercress and pickled vegetables.

salads at Bambou Restaurant
dining at The Four Seasons Mauritius

Finally, a dish that is often called ‘Millionaires Salad’, consisting of heart of palm, an ingredient we had not had before. We just loved the unique crunch of this veg (similar to a bamboo shoot in texture) that worked so well with a pickled dressing, lots of fresh herbs, red pepper and tomatoes.

A Curry Platter of Epic Proportions

For mains, a selection of absolutely mouthwatering curries was delivered – presented so beautifully in individual dishes on a large, banana leaf-lined tray. It was tough to decide where to begin but we opted to start with the vegetarian lentil dahl and make our way around the platter.

We were so taken with the dahl, a mildly spiced and utterly delicious version of this classic dish. From there, succulent prawns were cooked to perfection in a vindaye-style curry sauce, which relies heavily on wholegrain mustard. The mustard gives it a wonderful go-back-for-more tartness that we couldn’t get enough of.

Next was a stunning Rougaille, a popular Mauritian tomato-based fish curry; timing the cooking of seafood in a curry can be a tricky business but the fish was moist and delicious. We also couldn’t fault the fragrant chicken curry that was beautifully aromatic and had us wiping the bowl clean. Let’s not kid around, all the bowls were wiped clean!

curry platter Bambou Restaurant at The Four Seasons Mauritius
cocktails at Bambou Restaurant at The Four Seasons Mauritius

Each curry had its own unique style with carefully crafted aromatics, allowing for each one to be a completely different and nuanced mouthful. All this scooped up with fresh farata bread (a Mauritian version of Indian paratha), topped with sambals and enjoyed while sipping on island cocktails, what more could you ask for?

You Had me at Vanilla

The dessert menu arrived shortly after we had made our way through the extremely generous curry platter. Although thoroughly full, we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try Bambou Restaurant’s Mauritian Vanilla Crème Brûlée… when in Rome and all that. And oh, what a treat it was!

It was truly one of the best crème brûlées, if not the best, that we’ve ever shared. Silky, set to perfection and just an absolute joy. These are the moments that remind me why I love food so much, sigh.

creme brulee Bambou Restaurant at The Four Seasons Mauritius

We left Bambou Restaurant feeling utterly full and very lucky to have experienced Mauritian cuisine in such a stunning environment and in such abundance. The team that looked after us were so swift in their service and the food so glorious, it made it exceptionally hard to leave.

We look forward to returning to Mauritius, and to the Four Seasons, for another taste of island life… sooner rather than later. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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