Winter Warmers with SA Pork

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Winter is well and truly upon us and with it, lots of cold rainy days and the desire to want to tuck into comforting warm meals. We’ve used cuts of pork to create 3 hearty winter slow cooks that are totally worth the effort. There’s also a juicy pork shoulder roast with golden crackling because that’s a good idea any time of year!

The joy of Cooking

Here’s an idea, share these recipes with a foodie friend, set up a video call and cook something together. Even though we can’t dine together, we can still share the joy of cooking and perhaps even a glass of wine. With these winter warmers with SA Pork, you’re sure to find something that you can prepare while catching up with a buddy. Log back in when it’s ready and tuck in!

Winter Warmers with SA Pork

Pork Neck Vindaloo Curry

Pork Vindaloo Curry

It’s a little known fact that we actually have the Portuguese to thank for the advent of vindaloo curry. The dish is said to be based on a very classic Portuguese dish – carne de vinha d’alhos, which translated means “meat in garlic marinade”. If you know anyone Portuguese, you’ll know that this method of preparation goes for just about every meat dish they make (not a bad thing at all).

What the Portuguese started, Indian culture definitely perfected and a vindaloo is by far one of the most delicious curries you can make.

It’s often mistaken for being super fiery, and while it certainly can be, the hallmark of this dish is the blend of spices used. We’ve added whole green chillies to the curry and if you want to take the heat level up, we recommend breaking those open as you eat. This way each person can be in control of the Scoville meter of their own plate of food. Pork is the traditional meat used for vindaloo and we’ve opted for juicy pork neck steaks. The fat in the meat melts in and emulsifies the sauce and the chunks of pork are tender and full of flavour.

Hold on to your hats, this is a flavour ride of note!

Get the recipe for Pork Neck Vindaloo

Pork Ragú Cottage Pie

winter warmers with sa porkCottage Pie is right up there with the all-time best comfort foods that you can make. This version has what we like to call a little Italian countryside flair, with a tomato-based pork ragú filling using hocks and leg meat. Cottage pie is traditionally made with mince but using ragú gives a much heartier and decadent feel to the dish.

Topping this ragú is not any old mash, this is a Parmesan-infused potato mash enriched with egg yolks, which helps give it structure, flavour and colour. There’s enough mash to do a double layer of piping, so be generous!

We love the tomato, basil, garlic and rosemary infusion in the sauce and it transported us right to the heart of Tuscany, or at least what we think that would look like in our heads anyway…

Get the recipe for this Pork Ragú Cottage Pie

Irish Stew with Colcannon

Irish stew winter warmers with sa porkIf there’s one thing the Irish know, it’s how to make a stew that will warm up the coldest of nights. A stew by its nature should be hearty and filling and this Irish stew is just that. We’ve sealed off pork shoulder for maximum flavour and the rest of the ingredients add layers of savoury notes – one of the key ones being a can of Guinness stout. It doesn’t get more Celtic than that.

Cook low and slow over a few hours and you’ll have a rich pork stew packed with meaty goodness.

To go with the stew is the ultimate Irish side – colcannon, a traditional dish of wilted greens folded into mashed potato. We’ve used baby spinach but you can sub in kale if you prefer. This is a great dish to feed a family, with enough to freeze for a second meal when you’re short on time and in need of something warm and filling.

Get the recipe for this Irish Stew with Colcannon

Pork Shoulder Roast with Apple & Onion Gravy

If you read Crush often, you’ll know we’re ga-ga for crackling. Making it is a bit of an art form and we relish it. A pork shoulder roast like this has all the makings of a great weekend meal with the family – juicy meat, crunch crackle and a lip-smackingly good gravy to go with it. To get the best crackle results, we recommend air-drying the meat overnight in the fridge (see our guide to the best crackling here).

When you get to roasting, you’ll use onions, garlic and apples as a trivet; what this does is create an amazing base to make a gravy from. All of the pork roasting juices soak into the fruit and vegetables below, infusing them with flavour that you just can’t create any other way. The resulting gravy has heaps of flavour and the apples add a distinct sweetness that goes so well with pork.

Juicy pork, golden crackling and gravy, sounds like the makings of a great Sunday afternoon.

Prepare a tray of your favourite roast veggies and then serve together with this showstopping roast.

Get the recipe for this Pork Shoulder Roast with Apple & Onion Gravy

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