Mouthwatering Recipes Using SA Pork

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Pork BannerPork is one of our favourite proteins to cook with, it’s versatile, flavourful and budget-friendly. We’ve created three mouthwatering recipes using SA pork that showcase just how creative you can get in the kitchen. Pork shoulder becomes a belly-filling ragu; we use pork mince to make the ultimate bobotie-filled pies and we make chops with a South African classic – monkey gland sauce! We’ve also created a step-by-step tutorial on how to create crispy crackling so that you always get the perfect crunch, be sure to check that out.  First up though, choose your favourite from these three recipes and get cooking…

Mouthwatering recipes using SA Pork

Pork Ragù with Pappardelle


A meat ragù is one of those dishes that takes time to prepare but the result is so worth it. There’s a reason why every nonna in Italy pours time and effort into this kind of meal – because it’s basically like love in a bowl.

A meaty dish that you’ll definitely want seconds of.

In this recipe, pork leg is cooked down over a 3-hour period so that it is pull-apart tender. A fragrant, herby tomato sauce is the perfect carrier for all that flavour; served over al dente pappardelle pasta and garnished with Parmesan, it really is a dish for sharing with your nearest and dearest.

Get the Recipe for this Pork Ragù with Pappardelle

Pork Mince Bobotie Pies

Pork Bobotie Pies

Bobotie is a much-loved Cape Malay classic; a symphony of spices and aromatics that turn ordinary mince into the flavourful dish that we know and love.

In this version, we’ve taken all of those flavours and crafted them into a pork mince pie. A buttery pastry casing forms the base and the filling of tender pork mince brings all of those signature curried Malay flavours to life. We’ve served with turmeric rice studded with juicy Turkish apricots and flaked almonds and a side of chutney for sweetness.

These pork pies are sure to become a family favourite.

Get the recipe for these Pork Bobotie Pies

Thick Cut Pork Loin Chops with Monkey Gland Sauce

Monkey gland sauce has long been revered as a South African steakhouse classic. Its history varies depending on who’s telling the story but one thing never changes and that’s that locals love it.

Its quirky name has always made it somewhat of a mystery but you can rest assured that it’s definitely not made from any monkey parts!

This sweet, bbq-esque kind of sauce has an umaminess that is a match made in heaven for meat. We’ve forgone the shop-bought kind in favour of making our own homemade version; it’s sticky and delicious served with these fabulously thick pork loin chops, which we’ve pan-fried to perfection. Serve with your favourite steak house chips and crispy onions for a meal that will make you wonder why you ever left the house!

Get the recipe for Thick Cut Pork Loin Chops with Monkey Gland Sauce

How to make the Crispiest Pork Crackling

Crackling is the pièce de résistance of any pork roast; if you’ve always wanted to know how to ensure you get the best crackle, see our step-by-step guide here.

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