The New EVS Vacuum-Sealing Drawers from Miele

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Vacuum sealing is a tried-and-tested method of extending the storage life of food and of conveniently portioning larger quantities. In top restaurants, food is often vacuum-sealed in preparation for sous-vide cooking. With a new built-in vacuum-sealing drawer from Miele, consumers now have access to the full range of applications in the convenience of their own homes.

 Sous-vide is a French term meaning ‘under vacuum’ and refers to the method of preparation where food is vacuum-packed in plastic bags. It’s then cooked at low, steadily maintained temperatures over an extended period of time. Miele’s EVS 6214 and EVS 6114 built-in vacuum-sealing drawers have been specially designed to facilitate in-home sous-vide cooking.
The controls allow the user to set the vacuum-sealing stage and the sealing duration, the latter being dependent on the thickness of the bag material. For foodstuffs requiring handling with care, such as fish fillets for example, Miele recommends Setting 2; whereas Setting 3 is ideal for meat and vegetables. The higher setting draws almost a complete vacuum and meets professional demands.

Evacuating air, and hence oxygen, offers control over the two main factors responsible for food spoilage – namely unwanted oxidation and the growth of bacteria. It also prevents food from drying out.

Depending on the initial condition of the food, vacuum sealing can extend its storage life by a factor of between three and five, allowing food to be consumed later without any risk. This can be a huge benefit when preparing large quantities of food for consumption later.

Once vacuum-sealed, food will remain fresh for longer in a freezer or in the PerfectFresh compartment of a Miele refrigerator, and it is also protected against freezer burn. Thanks to the vacuum, the food also requires less storage space, maximising the space available in fridges and freezers.
Both the Miele EVS 6214 and the EVS 6114 vacuum drawers conform to the design of Miele’s Generation 6000 built-in appliances and it is, from the outside, hard to tell apart from a Miele warmer drawer. With a fascia height of only 14cm, this product ideally combines with various compact units to fill a classic 60cm recess. The vacuum chamber only becomes visible when the drawer is opened.
The Miele EVS 6214 and the EVS 6114 built-in vacuum-sealing drawers boast the following benefits and features:

  • A generous usable area: The Miele vacuum-sealing drawer is suitable for different sizes of bags and containers. The interior space is big enough for all sorts of food – from small portions up to a maximum size of 250mm x 350mm and a height of up to 80mm.
  • Push2open mechanism: Open with a gentle touch – only the lightest touch is sufficient to open the drawer.
  • Touch controls: Miele vacuuming drawers are operated via a state-of-the-art flush glass touch control panel – making them particularly convenient to use and easy to clean.
  • Fully telescopic runners: Thanks to telescopic runners, the drawers can be easily loaded, and the built-in vacuuming drawer can open up completely to make it easier to load.
  • Food storage: Vacuum-sealed foodstuffs stay fresh for longer. Once vacuum-sealed, fish and vegetables stay fresh for longer, without compromising on taste or quality. Vacuum sealing protects food against freezer burn, or contamination via smell or flavor, and it ensures that bread and rolls remain fresh for much longer at room temperature.
  • Vacuum bags: The Miele EVS 6214 and the EVS 6114 built-in vacuum-sealing drawers are supplied with 100 plastic bags in two sizes – 50 large and 50 small. The bags are food-safe, heat-resistant, boil-proof and tear-resistant and contain no plasticisers. Food is safely stored, and any transfer of flavours is prevented. Additional vacuum bags are available to purchase from the Miele shop.
  • Dividing food into portions: If you divide your herbs, cheese or sliced meat into smaller portions, you will always have fresh products on hand. Soft cheese remains fresh for considerably longer when it has been vacuum-sealed. A portion of lasagne can be easily warmed up in the steam combination oven in a vacuum bag. Foodstuffs such as muesli can be portioned out dry using the vacuuming drawer in order to save space – an ideal option when storage is at a premium or when travelling.
  • Marinating: For a really intense flavour, marinate your food in your usual manner and then vacuum-seal it with the Miele vacuuming drawer. By vacuum sealing, the taste of the marinade is greatly intensified, since flavours do not oxidise. Instead, the herbs and spices remain in a very concentrated form and are permanently in direct contact with the food.
  • Vacuuming in containers: Ideal for delicate foodstuffs, vacuuming food in containers is perfect for vegetables and herbs that are sensitive to bruising, as well as for daily foodstuffs, such as sliced meat. The containers are an optional online accessory – they are simply connected to a special adapter in the vacuuming drawer, which then extracts all the air. The containers are reusable, which makes the process much kinder to the environment.
  • Re-closing packaging: After an evening in front of the TV with crisps and popcorn, there are often some opened bags that have not been finished. What should you do with them? The vacuuming drawer offers the perfect solution – it seals the original packaging gently and securely on setting 1. This means that foodstuffs are protected against contamination via taste or smell – so they’re just as fresh the next time around.
  • Easy care interior: To ensure easy cleaning, the vacuuming chamber is equipped with seamless stainless steel sheets, making it particularly easy to clean after use.

Both the Miele EVS 6214 and the EVS 6114 built-in vacuum-sealing drawers retail for R34 999,00. Visit their website to find out more or to find a retailer closest to you. Alternatively, you can shop directly online. | Facebook 


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