The CTICC Hosts the 2022 Ultimate Beverage Show

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South Africa’s premium boutique beverage experience comes to Cape Town this January with the Ultimate Beverage Show, sponsored by Musgrave Spirits and Schweppes and hosted by the CTICC from the 27th – 29th January 2022. With an impressive selection of local producers, masterclasses and demonstrations, this year’s Ultimate Beverage Show promises to be a highlight for anyone who enjoys a tipple. 

It’s no secret that South Africa’s alcohol industry has had a rough two years with on-and-off prohibitions and alcohol sale disruptions. Much like the service industry, the alcohol industry relies on our constant support, particularly local and craft brands, many of which will be showcasing their products at the CTICC this January. 

The show is open to both trade and consumers and starts with a one-day trade exhibition, followed by a two-day consumer show. Over 50 of the finest local craft and small batch producers will be exhibiting their products. Expect to experience the best in small batch wine and spirits, craft beers and ciders,  low and non-alcoholic beverages as well as organic and health beverages. Learn from industry professionals with live demonstrations and masterclasses in topics such as home brewing and cocktail making. 

Visitors can experience their expertly crafted samples and purchase their favourites, all in a safe environment — the CTICC has implemented stringent COVID-19 health protocols to ensure the safety of its staff, clients, partners, and visitors.

Take a look at three exciting brands that will be exhibiting at the Ultimate Beverage Show. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover more local, artisanal beverage brands and learn more from the experts about how to enjoy your favourite drinks. Book your tickets now, before they sell out! 

Musgrave Spirits

Musgrave Spirits has been a household name in craft gin in South Africa since 2015 and was one of the pioneering brands at the vanguard of South Africa’s gin revolution. Founder, Simone Musgrave, drew inspiration from her family’s history and heritage when starting Musgrave Spirits and has imbued the brand with a spirit for adventure and a penchant for the unusual. Her grandfather, Maurice Boon Musgrave sailed to South Africa from Plymouth in 1949 to start a new life filled with adventure and new experiences. Simone brings that same sense of wonder to Musgrave Spirits by striving for innovation, excellence and continually celebrating African heritage. 

Musgrave Gin

Currently offering both craft gin and brandy, Musgrave Spirits started humbly with the Musgrave Original 11 in 2015. Inspired by Africa’s rich land of flavour and aromas, the Original Musgrave Gin is made up of a selection of 11 botanicals, each reflecting some aspect of the African Spice Route of yesteryear. The Musgrave Gin has expressive top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger, and Grains of Paradise, whilst the citrus and other spices marry together a tale of flavour spanning a continent. 

Building on their repertoire and starting a ‘pink drink pandemonium’, Musgrave introduced Musgrave Pink, South Africa’s first Pink Gin. Bedazzled with botanical finery, Musgrave Pink is known to seduce purist and inquisi Distilled with Musgrave’s signature 11 botanicals, rose hips are added during the distillery process, accentuating the distinct top notes of cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise. The gin is further infused with rosewater adding a slight exotic perfume and depth of flavour. A nod to the founder, Simone, and femininity in general,  Musgrave Pink entices enthusiastic drinkers and provides a sense of elegance and occasion to the moment. 

Musgrave Copper

Always striving to reach new heights, Simone decided to reimagine local brandy by introducing two luxurious pot-still brandy infusions — Musgrave Copper Vanilla and Musgrave Copper Black Honey. The inspired flavour combinations are courtesy of Simone herself and pay homage to Zambia, her birthplace. With Musgrave Copper, Simone intends to disrupt the brandy market, making it more enticing and approachable for female drinkers. 

“For far too long, brandy has had a bad reputation and I want to change that, plus I want to appeal more to women. This premium brandy sector has been struggling for some time now with relevance and needed re-energising. After delving into trend research, this felt like the right move.”

Double distilled and matured in oak barrels, the oldest component in this blend is 20 years old and the youngest is 5 years. It forms a complex base where the wood is balanced and well integrated which serves as a carrier for the sweet prune, honey, liquorice, light molasses and savoury notes to develop. With a soft, velvety yet savoury finish, this one of a kind brandy melts in your mouth and lingers on the tongue. | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Loxtonia Cider

Situated in the heart of the Ceres Valley, family run cider brewery, Loxtonia, are using only the purest of ingredients to produce natural, sustainable and high quality cider. Named after their home and farm, Loxtonia has been run by the Whitfield family since 1990. After noticing a gap in the market for natural cider in 2013, they started using their farms produce to make their premium product. Honouring a commitment to the environment, they strive to practice an ‘Orchard to Bottle’ approach in their production process, which is run entirely off solar energy. 

“Everything you need to create the perfect cider can be found in the natural nutrients delivered by our soil, water and the Ceres Valley sunshine!”

Loxtonia’s offering includes a Crispy Apple Cider, Blush Apple Cider and their award winning African Sundowner Apple Cider, among others. The family have also recently added two Méthode Traditionelle Ciders (MTC) to their range. | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Uplift Kombucha

Uplift is setting out to redefine the modern individual’s perception of kombucha. This living probiotic elixir is made using only the finest organic teas, locally sourced natural ingredients and nectars of lusciously ripe fruit to create a refreshing experience designed to leave you feeling renewed while aiding in overall wellbeing.

Besides being packed with antioxidants, kombucha is an excellent source of probiotics that help maintain good gut bacteria. The fermentation process results in a lightly fizzy drink with subtle sweetness from natural sugars.  Uplift comes in three unique flavours — Blueberry Pomegranate, Pineapple Peach and Ginger Lemon. If you’re new to booch, Uplift is sure to convert you to becoming a regular!

Tickets for the Ultimate Beverage Show are available from R200 per person, and R350 for two. Tickets include a tasting glass and tastings. 

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