10 Ways to Kickstart your Day

Words: Jess Spiro

2022 is here and here at Crush, we’ve learnt that the best way to ensure a good year is to let go of the things that lie outside of our control (ie. pandemic, economic devastation, loadshedding, climate change etcetera etcetera…)  What we can control, however, is how we start the day. A solid morning routine is the best way to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a good day, month and year, so join us and check out our top ways to kickstart the morning (and your life!) in 2022.

10 ways to kickstart your Day

10 ways to kickstart your Day

Don’t hit the snooze button!

We know, we know! It’s so hard, those extra 9 minutes make such a difference. The truth is, they don’t, once you’ve been jolted awake from a deep sleep, the quality of the sleep will never be the same. All you’re doing by snoozing is letting your body drift into a twilight zone, which will leave you groggy and feeling even more tired than before. As difficult as it may be, force yourself to get up with your first alarm. You’ll thank yourself later.

10 ways to kickstart your Day


Have a glass of water before anything else

Once you’re up and out of bed, the best way to give your digestive system and metabolism a boost is to drink a glass of water. It needn’t be a big glass, just enough to rehydrate your organs after a long night’s sleep and get your metabolism going. You get extra points for drinking it warm and with a slice of lemon added to it, to flush out any toxins.

Set an intention

This may sound like a load of hippie talk, but setting an intention for your day will help you have the kind of day you want. It can be something as simple as ‘relax and have fun’ or a little more specific as wanting to complete a specific task. This allows you to have some focus in your day and makes you feel slightly more in control.

10 ways to kickstart your Day


A quick morning meditation may be the best way to force yourself from snoozing – just make sure you don’t fall asleep! If you’re new to meditation, all it requires is for you to sit somewhere comfortably (like your bed, with your back upright) and close your eyes. Then, begin to become aware of your breath without altering it all. Simply focus on the inhale, feeling how your breath touches the tip of your nose, the back of your throat, your lungs and your belly. Then follow the exhale in the same way.

If your mind begins to wander, acknowledge what distracted it (your to-do list, what you’re going to eat for breakfast etc) and make a note to come back to that thought after your meditation. Start with five minutes, and gradually build your way up to more time as you feel it becomes easier.

10 ways to kickstart your Day

Do some form of exercise

We say ‘some’ because really, anything that gets your heart rate up is going to make you feel better. It can be a quick run or a walk with your dog, a yoga class, or even skipping with a rope for 10 minutes.

Do something that makes you work up a little sweat, not only is this better for your health but you’ll have got it done in the early morning, which means you have the evening free. Plus, think of all the bragging rights you’ll have when you go to work.

Pack your bag the night before

Mum was right when she used to tell you to be organised before you went to bed. Whatever packing you need to do, do it the night before work. Do as much lunch prep as you can too, do anything to eliminate that frenzied panic that comes with getting yourself (and often kids and dogs!) into the car and off to work.

Listen to something that makes you feel good

Be it uplifting music, or even a thought-provoking podcast, allow yourself a small opportunity to listen to something positive. Have it playing softly in the background as you get dressed, or in the car on your way to work.

However you choose to listen to it, be it music or podcast, it will put you in an inspired, happy mood.

Shower, don’t bath

Water restrictions and drought aside, baths are a surefire way to make you feel a little too relaxed. Have a quick shower, preferably on a cooler temperature to jolt yourself awake.

10 ways to kickstart your Day

Have a real breakfast

Picture yourself not eating for about eight hours, you can imagine that you would be feeling quite hungry and sluggish. That’s basically what happens during sleep, your body isn’t taking in any nutrients or energy so when you wake up, you really do need to refuel.

We know that not everybody is a breakfast person but find something that you can stomach. Our best suggestion is a smoothie, you can pack it full of amazing superfoods, as well as oats, nuts and seeds. Pretty much all the goodies you need to power you through the day. Or at least until lunchtime. Try this Green Mamba Smoothie, or Classic Eggs and Soldiers or check out these delish breakfast recipes for some inspiration.

Don’t read your emails until you get to the office

This tip also refers to generally checking your phone before you’re in the office. Firstly, it’s a waste of precious, calm morning time. Instead of checking emails, Instagram or Facebook, use that time to meditate, exercise or do any of the things we’ve just listed.

It’s also important to wait to read those emails because it won’t stress you out before you’ve even fully started your work day. Work emails are for work time, so treat yourself to those precious minutes of freedom before you tackle them.

Ready to tackle the day? Check out these healthy foods that fuel the body to ensure you’re performing at your optimum.

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