The Craft Soda Company

Words: Crush

The Craft Soda Company was born in December 2014 when owner Max started a food truck – La Lonchera. He wanted to serve great tasting drinks to complement the awesome food being served, but after looking around and finding nothing that piqued his interest, he decided to simply make his own.

After many late nights tinkering with beer brewing equipment and reading all the books he could get his hands on about brewing soda, it happened. He made their version of ginger ale that he describes as ‘having something special to it’. Perhaps it was the inclusion of lemon grass? Or maybe it was the black pepper? No one quite knows, but the fact is the recipe hasn’t changed and it’s now one of his best sellers.

The awesome news is that Craft Sodas are free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colourants and are made up of four ingredients each – the fruit they are named after as well as water, cane sugar and herbs and spices. They are then pasteurised to keep all the fresh flavours locked inside.

The idea was to create something customers could enjoy with their favourite tipple, as well as something that kids could enjoy (tipple-free of course!) and thus there are flavours that appeal to everyone. You can enjoy Lemon and Lime Soda, Cherry Lemonade, Cucumber Citrus, Heritage Tonic. At Crush HQ we decided Cherry Lemonade got our vote as our favourite, we can’t wait for a hot summer’s day to crack one open and enjoy!

At Crush HQ we loved all the fresh flavours, but decided that Cherry Lemonade got our vote as our number one. We can’t wait for the summer holidays to roll around so we can kick back with a few and enjoy over ice with a shot of our favourite vodka. |  Facebook | TwitterInstagram | Find out where to buy


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