The Braai Tool

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TBT – The Braai Tool is a multifunctional braai utensil that aims to clear the clutter of our cutlery drawers. In a year when the world’s designs eyes have been fixed upon Cape Town, the design team at Insert Cool Name have designed, developed and marketed a product around one of South Africa’s favourite rituals: Braaing.

The Braai Tool

TBT was born out of the problem that our cutlery drawers at home are filled with single function utensils which function poorly and are now outdated with little to no innovation seen in recent years. TBT aims to solve this problem by incorporating 5 key braai’ ing utensils into one highlyfunctional, sleek and magical product. TBT achieves its multiple functions through the use of its now patented (provisional patent) magnetic hinge and groove system. It is in this system that the magic of TBT lies. By being able to break TBT into two elements the user is allowed the possibility to make use of the; knife, fork, spatula and bottle opener whilst when magnetically combine the magnetic hinge and groove system mimics the action of a tensioned spring. TBT is made of the highest quality materials to ensure it meets SABS standards and to maximise its durability. The handle is machined from recycled strand woven bamboo, which is a byproduct created through the production of bamboo boards. The Stainless Steel is food grade (304), which is long lasting and meets the requirements set by the SABS whilst the steel rivets join the two elements much like a quality steak knife. Inside TBT are four Neo magnets, which are used to intuitively join the two halves together without the user having to align them; the polarity of the magnets ensures this.

The Braai Tool

The Braai Tool has subsequently won first place in the annual Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Student Innovation Competition, Idea Create, for 2014 along with having been invited to exhibit at Design Indaba 2015, Open Design, Thinkers & Makers and Transforming Cities.

The Braai Tool retails for R400 and will make a fine gift for the braai master in your life. | Facebook 

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